Youth Sailing

Your child begins in a safe protected environment inside the marina
The Coyote Point Yacht Club is offering sailing lessons for children ages 8-12 who wish to learn to sail and/or improve their sailing skills. The program is designed to instruct the young sailing enthusiast in basic sailing skills and boating safety and to instill in them the joy of sailing. We provide instruction on the components of a boat, how to set up and sail a small boat, how to handle the wind, and proper boating etiquette. Advanced instruction including sail tuning, basic racing skills, and racing tactics and strategy is provided to students based upon their level of experience and abilities.

A staff of experienced sailing instructors will put the young mariners through their paces in a comfortable, safe, positive, and FUN environment. We look forward to seeing you this summer.


Program Sessions 2016

#1 June 20-June 24
#2 June 27-July 1
#3 July 11 – July 15
#4 July 18 – July 22
#5 July 25 – July 29
#6 August 1 – August 5

Additional Information and Registration Forms:


youth sailing waiver signup

cpyc youth sailing application form 2016

To register download the Youth Sailing Program Brochure, Registration Form and Release to Treat and Waiver Forms.

For questions not answered in the forms please contact:, or call Emily Kimmel, Coyote Point Yacht Club Director of Youth Sailing, at 650-347-6730

See For Yourself:

Please feel free to watch our on-the-water exercises, when in session, using the CPYC Web Cam. Better yet, bring a friend and come on down to the club and enjoy being a part of what we are all about. We welcome you.

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