Youth Sailing FAQ

The Answers You Need


What is sailing all about?

Sailing is an alternative form of transportation over water. It is a life skill no matter how strong or old, it has always been about thinking ahead and technique above strength. Like many sports, sailing can be competitive or relaxing depending on where you take it! The Bay Area has a strong youth sailing culture and a variety of conditions to explore. At Coyote Point Yacht Club we wish to introduce the culture of sailing to you!


What does my kid need to know before starting?

The first three days will be mixed between land and water practice (the first three days generally have a lot of information and are challenging)

Must know how to swim


What should my sailor bring?

Summer Sailing

  • Towel

  • Swimsuit

  • Lunch/Snack and Drink

  • Water bottle

  • Sunscreen

  • Lifejacket

  • Change of clothes

  • Water-use shoes - old tennis shoes are okay. No “flip-flops” or other loose sandals.


  • Type 3 coastguard approved PFD

  • Wetsuit (2mm full sleeves are recommended for best comfort)

  • Sunglasses

  • Sailing gloves (no finger tips are recommended)

  • Dingy Boots

  • Sailing helmet (Must be made for sailing as other helmets get waterlogged)

Year Round Sailing:

  • Swimsuit 

  • Wetsuit (2mm full sleeves are recommended for best comfort)

  • Snack

  • Dingy boots

  • Sailing gloves (no finger tips are recommended)

  • Water bottle

  • Type 3 Coast Guard approved Lifejacket

  • Change of clothes


What boats will the sailors be using?

The younger kids will be using brand new single-person optimist boats, known as cubes. While the older kids will be using larger two-person FJs.


How many sailors per boat?

In the Intro to Sailing Class, Sailors will have their own boat.

In the FJ class, there will be 2 sailors per FJ.


Will there be instructor boats?

Instructors will be teaching from motor boats and will be in charge of the safety of the children while on the water.


In Addition

Sailors will spend time both on land and on the water rigging, participating in land drills, and learning. Make sure to bring extra clothes in order to be comfortable on land.

Pick up your sailor promptly after your session to allow coaches to cleanup. 15 minutes past the pick up time, there will be a $25 fee for the extra 15 minutes of time.



Lifejackets: We highly suggest each child bring their own US Coast Guard approved life jacket for optimal comfort and fit.

Helmets. We do NOT supply helmets. However, they are becoming more accepted in the sport of sailing. We welcome those who would like to wear them.


Helmets must be made for water sports (kayaking, Sailing, waterskiing, etc...) normal helmets can get waterlogged, or eaten by salt water, not to mention gross if not washed.


Capsize and Swim Test?

As part of our safety requirements kids must know how to swim as all "dinghy" class boats have the potential to flip.

On the first day of every session kids will be asked to do the following with a coach present.

Swim test: Swim a set distance, roughly 25 yards or one swimming pool lap.

Capsize test: Kids will be walked through the procedure of how to recover from a Capsized boat (flipped) on land. Then while the boat is tied to the dock they will practice the steps on the water.


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