Murder Among the Mateys

For one night only, the CPYC bar was renamed The Salty Sea Dog to host a dinner party between the elite governor and his family and and the notorious pirates of the area, headed by Captain Redbeard.IMG_4585.JPG


Everyone dressed the part and stayed in character all night, including Carly, Dave, Lisa, and Lynda who played the staff of The Salty Sea Dog.  The drama unfolded. according to scripted instructions from a master of ceremonies, played by Collin, and according to each individual character, to the enjoyment of all.












And, of course, during the night a murder happened.


At the end, the murderer was caught and prizes where provided to the one who played the part the best — Mark Bettis.


A great time was had by all.  Thanks to Bill and Emily for setting this up.  As a side note, the planners of this event are already scheming out a repeat event for sometime next spring.    So if you missed out on this one, keep an eye out for the next one.




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Slate for 2017 BOD

The proposed slate for the 2017 Board of Directors and Committee Chairs is as follows.  Please join us at the General Membership Meeting on November 15th to vote!

Staff Commodore – Gary Edwards

Commodore – Andy Smith

Vice Commodore – Yvette Yong

Rear Commodore – Noah Sundance

Treasurer – Jim Manishin

Secretary – Jan Mendez

Port Captain – Mark Malcolm

Director – Mike Haddock

Director – Brad Jones

Director – Lee Stevens

House Chair – Nick Sternberg

Membership Chair – Catherine Miskow

Regatta Chair – Tom Fedyna

Cruise Chair – Mark Bettis

Youth Sailing – Emily Kimmel

Rabbit Races – Bill Hoyt

Don’t forget that our “Committee Chairs” need committee members!  You can make a difference by volunteering, and it only takes a few hours a month to make a positive impact on our club.  Email if you are interested in helping out!


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Barth Regatta Weekend!

Hope to see you this Friday night, 9/23, at CPYC for a catered dinner & live music by Dave Badilla!  Please RSVP HERE!

Racers – there’s still time to sign up at:

Cruisers – join us Saturday night, 9/24, in Redwood City!  Email Sequoia YC’s Port Captain HERE.

barth flyer 2016.jpg

We’re looking forward to a great turnout!!!

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CPYC Member Survey

Attention: CPYC Members!

Have your voice heard and help direct the future of the Club!  Please take a moment to complete this short survey to help us create our Five-Year Plan.

We appreciate your participation!

Which of these activities do you enjoy most?  Let us know!



Andy Byrd 2016


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Kilroy Found!


C Mark was found during an environmental survey by employees of the Oakland
International Airport who took the time to both contact us and to load
recover it from the rocks off the main runway. Seems that homeland security
had a problem with a small boat approaching bayside onto an active runway (
hmmm I wonder why? ). It all worked out for the best because they picked “C”
off the rocks and told us where to pick it up.

Jack Verducci volunteered the use of his truck then he, John Hernandez and
Jim Manishin liberated “Kilroy” from the East Bay. Some fiberglass and new
bottom paint and he’ll be good to go the next time a mark breaks loose!


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St Francis Pics

Foggy weekend cruise out to St Francis Yacht Club…



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St Francis YC Cruise Out

The three boats that dared to attend St. Francis: Woodknot, Tenacious and PandaAngler had a great time.  Woodknot and Tenacious left CPYC early on Friday morning to arrive at St Francis around noon.  PandaAngler left mid-afternoon in blustery conditions in order to make the ride up a little more exciting.  We were greeted at the guest dock of St. Francis by a small army of dock attendants bound and determined to tie up the Panda behind Woodknot.  Although they missed the first opportunity to get a line on a cleat due to a strong current and high wind pushing us off the dock, the Panda was well tied on the second try.  After checking in with the front desk and getting our guest pass, we relaxed on the boat for the remainder of the afternoon before heading to the downstairs bar and restaurant (which is casual) for a great dinner.  Staff at the club (and there was a veritable army of them) was very accommodating and made sure everyone was happy.

Weather was cool and foggy for most of the weekend, but everyone enjoyed hanging on the docks and on the boat.  I took the opportunity to visit Golden Gate Yacht Club on Saturday afternoon while walking around the area, another great club.  Dinner in the formal main dining room was great, as was brunch on Sunday morning.

Great trip with the opportunity to once again stay in the city.

  • Gary Edwards, Commodore 2016


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