Cruise to Pier 39, March 24-26, 2017

Thanks to our Cruise Chair, Mark Bettis, for this exciting report on the cruise!


The Coyote Point Yacht Club Pier 39 Cruise out was a great success for all those that attended!

Friday morning Catherine and I set sail aboard “Shannon” in blustery southerlies and steady rain. It turned out to be a truly fantastic sail, as we sailed downwind wing and wing, rockin’ rollin’ and sometimes surfing up to 9 knots.

Our trusty tiller pilot, “Jesus” had the wheel (tiller) and took us all the way to Pier 39 without having to gybe once.


We arrived, soaking wet on the outside but warm and dry inside our foulies, and tied up at Pier 39. We were the only Coyote Point boat to sail on Friday, the rest of the cruisers having understandably chosen not to sail in stormy conditions.

Now, the west side of Pier 39 is well known for one thing, and sure enough, there was a mass of strange creatures clustered on the dock, making loud noises, arguing with each other, barking or sometime just lazing and relaxing as they clustered tight together on the pier, pushing around over each other to get a good look at the sea lions.

Pier 39

The very small west harbor at Pier 39 has a lot of vessel traffic. Two of the big Blue and Gold ferries dock there, as well as a few sightseeing boats and a huge bright orange rocket jet boat. It was a great opportunity to observe the strange creatures, that after gawking at the sea lions then rush over to the gate, don plastic ponchos, and board the rocket jet boat for a fun filled spin around the Bay, creating huge wake circles to knock the wind out of the sails of passing sailboats, all the time struggling to protect their iPhones and selfie sticks from the salt spray churned up by the massive jet drives.

Pier 39 (2)

Strong currents run along the City waterfront, as the tidal flows move in and out of the Golden Gate. These currents, coupled with heavy vessel traffic, cause very strong surge at the Pier 39 docks. After mooring “Shannon” with nine lines, and repeatedly adjusting fenders and snubbers we were able to achieve a reasonably comfortable ride, but the sound of the lines tensioning and chafing at the forward mooring hawse made for difficult sleeping both nights. Once we were safely moored and out of our soaking wet foul weather gear, cocktail hour ensued!

Mark & Catherine (2)

Catherine and I enjoyed a wonderful afternoon together, then took an Uber up to a brand new restaurant on Broadway called China Live. Coyote Point members Yvette Yong and Quinn McKenna both work here and have put in a huge effort to open up this place. It is a great spot – upscale, open, fun, and has an eclectic modern Chinese fusion menu that was outstanding. We had a great meal, and checked in with Yvette and Quinn. By the time we left the place was totally full with a line out the door, and really hopping.
After dinner we enjoyed walking back to Pier 39, and then detoured to Fisherman’s wharf, where we spent some time in the arcade museum. I discovered that Catherine spent way too much time as a teen playing Pac-Man.

Pier 39 (3)

Saturday morning at 2:30 am we were awakened as “Shannon” rolled violently in the slip. Bottles crashed to the floor in the galley, unsecured cabinets flung open and general mayhem occurred. I got up and cleaned up, and luckily nothing was broken or damaged. The next morning a monstrous cruise ship was in port, and we assume that the wake of this gargantuan passing the harbor entrance on its way to dock caused the carnage.

On Saturday our friends Mark and Linda arrived on their azure blue Catalina 275 “Azure”. They tied up alongside “Shannon” and cocktails once again ensued.

2 boats

That evening the four of us barbecued tri-tip and enjoyed a great meal aboard “Shannon”, then walked up to the Buena Vista Café, a San Francisco icon and home of the original Irish coffee. Mark treated us to a couple of these wonderful concoctions, and a great walk back capped the evening.

Sunday morning we had light to moderate southerlies, and motored home as the wind was right on the nose. A solid flood current made for a quick trip, and we encountered Luther on “Paradigm” just south of Hunters Point. Our two vessels then completed the trip together, arriving home by early afternoon.

This was a truly great weekend. It was interesting to have our little island of sanity among the tourist crowds of Pier 39, and to be able to retreat to “Shannon” and relax, enjoying this world class tourist trap from an entirely different perspective. I’m sorry the weather precluded more participation. I also have to say that mooring at the docks at Pier 39 is challenging, and the constant surge actually worked one of “Shannon”s very substantial bronze breast cleats loose. We will have to think carefully about whether we want to tie up there again, but the time we had was truly fantastic.

Pier 39

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St. Patrick’s Day Party – March 18, 2017

St. Patrick's Day (3)

We had a great turn out for the wearing of the green at our St. Patrick’s Day Party on Saturday night!

We were joined by a number of our long-time members, including Gay O’Brien, LaVey Norquist and Linnea Liddell who arrived on Friday afternoon to decorate our dining room.  They put together some beautiful table decorations:

St Patrick's Day (2)

St. Patrick's Day (6)

When they were finished the dining room looked just beautiful!

St. Patricks Day 2017 CPYC (27)c (002)

On Saturday, we enjoyed a dinner of corned beef, cabbage, potatoes, carrots, Irish soda bread and a delicious dessert.  During dinner we were treated to a performance by Murphy’s Irish Dancers, a tradition at our St. Patrick’s Day parties for many years.

Gay O’Brien led us in singing several Irish songs, accompanied by Dave Badilla’s one-man band

 After singing, some took to dancing and some enjoyed “Irish flu shots” (miniature bottles of Jameson’s Irish Whiskey that were placed at each table setting) and some enjoyed keeping our bartenders, Dave and Carly, busy!

Thanks to all who made this evening such a success, including hosts Gay O’Brien and Commodore Andy Smith; LaVey Norquist and Linnea Liddell; our kitchen crew including Lisa and Maria; our servers, Carly and Tamara; our  bartenders, Carly amd Dave, and Mark Liddell for the terrific pictures!

Four leaf clover

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John Pitcher Memorial Regatta – March 4, 2017

Six boats braved the cold for a heated race out on the Bay, including Jack Verducci & Crew on Vita e Bella

John Pitcher Regatta

Here’s new member Steve Belenky at the helm on Silver Cloud

John Pitcher Regatta (2)

John Pitcher Regatta (4)

Looks like Steve and Crew are having a great time!

Also joining Jack and Steve were:

Luther Izmirian on Paradigm

Mike Haddock on Hot Ice

Mark Hecht on Azure

and Tom Fedyna on Smooth

Congratulations to Luther Izmirian on Paradigm

for a 1st place finish!

Following Luther was Mike Haddock on Hot Ice.

Only 17 minutes separated first and last place, so congratulations to all!

John Pitcher Regatta (3)

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Mardi Gras Dinner – February 25, 2017

Joining us for our Mardi Gras Dinner on Saturday night, were members of the San Jose Sailing Club, who sailed in Friday and Saturday.   Here’s a great picture taken by our Port Captain, Mark Malcolm, showing their seven boats tied up at our guest dock earlier in the day.

SJSC cruise in Guest Dock Feb 2017

We had a terrific turnout for our dinner: in addition to our own members, the San Jose Sailing Club brought 38 people to our dinner!

Mardi Gras (9)

The menu had a Cajun theme and included Chicken and Andouille Jambalaya, Shrimp Etoufee, Fried Okra, Green Beans with Bacon, Steamed Corn and Rice.

Mardi Gras (6)

Mardi Gras Jewelry

The bar was a busy place this night…

Mardi Gras (10)

and Linda was hard at work

making her signature Hurricane cocktails – they were a real hit!

Laissez les bons temps rouler!

Everyone agreed that it was a great party!

Here’s the beautiful poster that Catherine created for the event:

Mardi Gras Flyer 2-25-2017

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Cruise to Aeolian Yacht Club, February 18-19, 2017

Aeolian (4)

Our Membership Chair, Catherine Miskow, one of the attendees on the cruise, gave us this report on the trip:

On the weekend of February 18, 4 boats and 7 intrepid (or crazy) mariners bravely cruised out to Aeolian Yacht Club in Alameda.  Due to the tides, the fleet took the “long way” (down the Estuary) rather than the back entrance (significantly shorter distance) through San Leandro Channel.

“Shannon,” “Panda Angler,” “Hot Ice” and the newest member of the fleet, a Balboa 26 named “B-26”, plowed through gusts of up to 30 knots, 3-4 foot swells and the occasional rain showers to get to Aeolian, with a slight detour to a Chandlery to fix a tiller that broke just as the fleet entered the Estuary.  A wonderful, warm, home-cooked meal was waiting for them at Aeolian, as well as a home-cooked breakfast for the return to CPYC.

Aeolian (3)Aeolian (1)

Aeolian (2)

Aeolian (5)

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PICYA Annual Dinner, February 6, 2017

Once again, CPYC hosted the annual PICYA Dinner.  It was well-attended by many of the local yacht clubs and everyone enjoyed the dinner.

In case you aren’t familiar with PICYA (Pacific Inter-Club Yacht Association), this is a group that promotes inter-club communications, activities and social programs that enhance the welfare of the member clubs.  Opening Day on the Bay is the largest event that they coordinate during the year.

Here are some pictures from the dinner:

Head table with CPYC Commodore, Andy Smith, second from right.PICYA 2-6-2017 (6)

Pete VanDerWerff, CPYC’s PICYA representative, far right, Mark Liddell, past PICYA rep to his leftPICYA 2-6-2017

PICYA 2-6-2017 (4)

Bill Hoyt, making sure that everyone was served

PICYA 2-6-2017 (3)

Tamara, serving

PICYA 2-6-2017 (5)

Kitchen Crew:

Chef, Craig Thorson

Helpers, Linnea Liddell, Jan Mendez and Maria

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Double Up & Back Race 2/4/2017

               What a beautiful day for a race!

Luther 2-4-2017

Congratulations to Luther Izmirian & Crew on Paradigm for 1st place Overall!

Shannon on 2-4-2017

and to

Mark Bettis & Catherine Miskow on Shannon for 1st place in the Double-Handed Division

Te Santana 525s on 2-4-2017

The Santana 525s – Yvette Yong & Crew on Liquid Kitty & Tom Fedyna & Crew on Smooth – were duking it out for 2nd place in the Double-Handed Division

Mark HEcht & Crew on Azure

Mark Hecht & Crew on Azure

2-4-2017 Race (7)

Mike Haddock & Crew on Hot Ice

Everyone had a great time!

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