2020 Races


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We race all year.


All race communications take place on VHF channel 71.

January 1 – Brrrr Rabbit

This is the first race of the year.  Shake off that grogginess from last night’s party by going out on the water.

February 1Double Up and Back

Race between CPYC and Hunter’s Point (course to be determined).  Two divisions: Double handed and full crewed.

March 7 – John Pitcher Memorial Race

In memory of John Pitcher, a CPYC sailor who passed away while racing aboard his Pearson in the late 1960’s.  The race is open to ALL boats berthed in Coyote Point Marina, whether the boat owners are members of not.

July 11 – Stars & Stripes

An Independence Day weekend tradition.

August 1 – Kay & Dave Few Regatta

Dave and Kay Few were active sailors throughout the 70’s and 80s.  In this race, a woman must be at the helm at least 50% of the time of the race, and the crew must be at least 50% women.

August 15 – Andy Byrd Memorial Pursuit Race

In memory of past commodore Andrew Byrd (1947-48) and a founding member, Andrew Byrd was one of the members responsible for securing the original clubhouse and the land.  The perpetual trophy race began in 1976; regardless of the winner’s club affiliation, the trophy is to always remain at Coyote Point Yacht Club.

September 19 – Barth Race

The oldest of the CPYC regattas is named for Gustav Barth, one of the founding members of CPYC. Barth provided the trophy specifically for the purpose of attracting North and Central Bay boaters to the South Bay.  By the 1950s, the race had become a popular activity, with sometimes over 50 boats participating.  As demographics and interests changed, the Barth race too, changed course.  It is now a friendly competition between Sequoia Yacht Club and CPYC, with each club hosting the start on alternating years.  The race is scored on a point system, based both on which club has the winning boat and which club has the most entrants.

October 3 – Jerry O’Grady Single-handed Race

Jerry O’Grady was a “living legend” of single handing, and could often be found sailing his boat on almost every day of the year, rain or shine.  Even his boat was named Solo, which he sailed out the harbor and towards the airport on a near-daily basis.  One day, he sailed out the gate to the lightship and back.  Jerry O’Grady passed away in 1990, and the race was named in his honor.

October 24 – Frank Ballentine Memorial Pursuit Race

Mr. Ballentine was a “legendary” racer at CPYC, and a very competitive one at that.

November 7 – Merton Yolles Memorial Race

In memory of past Commodore Merton Yolles, who loved sailing his Ericson 32, “Tranquility.”  Mr. Yolles was killed in a pedestrian-auto accident in 1973.  His family donated the trophy, which hangs on the wall of the regatta room.

November 14 – Commodore’s Cup

First held in 1980, the race is traditionally held in the fall, as the commodore’s term nears completion.  The race is held over a course that is “sometimes weird,” and the current commodore is always asked to sail on the previous year’s boat.  The race concludes with a dinner (a “roast” or tribute dinner) in the commodore’s honor that night.


2020 Fees waived due to Coronavirus disruption

Shorteez Races
Open to boats with 180+ PHRF ratings
July 18
October 17

2020 Interclub Series

Most races in the Interclub series take place in the South Bay, with starts off of Alameda. This great series is open to members of Aeolian YC, Alameda YC, Catalina 34 Fleet 1, Encinal YC, Island YC, Oakland YC, South Beach YC, Treasure Island YC, BAMA, Ballena Bay Yacht Club and of course, Coyote Point YC.

The series consists of six (6) races with one throw out. The race dates are TBD, but are usually the second Saturday of each month

(Divisions may be combined or additional divisions may be added depending on number of participants)


1:00 / A – Spinnaker and B – Non-Spinnaker

All yachts with a valid NCPHRF rating. There should be a NCPHRF certificate for either your boat or an identical sister ship which will be accepted. Boats may be reassigned to alternate divisions after registration in order to balance the divisions and may be combined if there are too few for a division. A minimum of 3 boats will be required for a division. In the event there are only enough boats for one division it will be raced non spinnaker or re-sailed at a later date.

Notice of Race and Standing Race Instructions with Course Sheets can be downloaded by clicking the links: cpyc_nor and cpyc_sailing_instructions

Check the CPYC calendar for Skipper’s meeting time. Skipper’s meetings will usually be at 11:00 am for a 1:00 pm start. Check-in at Committee Boat is acceptable. Committee Boat will monitor VHF Ch 71 throughout the race. Communication is encouraged. Retirement from the race without finishing requires RC notification.


Scoring will be calculated Time on Time, except for pursuit races. CPYC will provide division awards for boats winning and placing in the individual races. Perpetual Trophies remain the property of CPYC with winners’ names engraved on the trophy. An awards dinner will be held at the end of the season – exact date and time to be determined at a later date.

Checks should be made payable to Coyote Point Yacht Club.


After the race, come relax with your fellow sailors at the CPYC clubhouse and bar! Events after each individual race will vary, but may include cookouts, potluck dinners, live entertainment, etc. Details will be announced prior to each race. Race results will be announced after the race (assuming no pending protest).


Guest dock/berthing may be available for Friday and Saturday nights. Contact the CPYC Regatta Chair or Port Captain


Skippers: In order to participate you must either register on or complete and sign the Skipper_Release_Form prior to racing.
Crew: All crew members must complete and sign the 2016 Crew Release Form prior to racing.
Please complete these form and either bring them to the skippers meeting or email to no later than the day before the first race.

Please register online at

You may register and pay fees vial PayPal or credit card. If you do not wish to register online, please complete the form below or click here cpyc-2016-race-registration-form and
1) Email a copy to CPYC Regatta Chair
2) Mail/deliver a signed copy and check made out to “Coyote Point Yacht Club”:
Regatta Chair Coyote Point Yacht Club 1820 Coyote Point Drive San Mateo, CA 94401
Questions? Please email Steve Swanson, CPYC Regatta Chair

SKIPPER ______________________________________________

ADDRESS _________________________________________________

CITY, ZIP__________________________________________________

PHONE ____________________ MOBILE PHONE ___________________


Boat Name: _________________

Boat Model, Length, and Year: __________________

Yacht Club/Marina: ______________________________________

I will race __Spinnaker Division __Non-Spinnaker Division

Sail #:_________ Current NCPHRF certificate on file at YRA: __Yes __No;

PHRF#: ______

Largest headsail: LP: ___

Length Spin Pole: _____ ft.

Jib tacked above drum on above deck furler: __Yes __No

In-Mast Furling Main: __Yes __No

Auxiliary power configuration: Outboard __; Inboard: __

Propeller: folding/feathering __ fixed___-if fixed: #blades? __2 blades __3 blades

I certify that I have done nothing to my boat to invalidate the above rating. I also agree not to sue CPYC or any Member involved in planning or running these events. I assume liability for my crew and boat.

Please charge to my CPYC account: Account #____________, Amount:_________


Date _______________
“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails.

Explore. Dream. Discover.”Mark Twain

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