2019 CPYC Cruise Schedule

We have a great year planned including some long time favorites, Marin Yacht Club and Encinal Yacht Club, with some new adventures of an anchor outs at Clipper Cover.  

Cruise Chair: Emily Hoyt – cruise@cpyc.com

We hope to see you at one of our upcoming cruise outs:


Napa Yacht Club: October 25-27

Cruise leader: Cathy Miskow and Mark Bettis

It’s crush season! Join us for our last cruise out of the year up the scenic Napa River to the wine country. The Napa River has been dredged to 20 feet by the Army Corps of Engineers, and has a clearly marked channel leading to the yacht club guest dock. The Napa Valley Yacht Club is located just minutes from downtown Napa, and a quick Uber ride from many world famous wineries. Sailboaters whose mast is higher than 60 feel can obtain berthing at the Napa Valley Marina; the yacht club is a quick dingy ride up the river. And since it is Halloween season, there will be some grown-up “treats” given away in the goody bags.

Asphalt cruisers are more than welcome; trailer boaters are welcome too (there are two main launch ramps in Napa–the one at Kennedy Park is closer to the Yacht Club). Those coming by land contact Cathy for hotel recommendations.

Friday Evening: Cocktail and Costume Party at Napa Valley YC

Join the members of the Napa Valley Yacht Club for a costume party and dinner.

Saturday: Wine Tasting and Dinner

Saturday, join Cathy for wine tasting at various wineries, including Cosentino, St. Supery, and V. Sattui. (V. Sattui is child friendly). Visits to other wineries can be arranged. Saturday night will either be a dinner in town, or a dinner aboard one of the boats. Stay tuned to the blast for more information.

Marin Cruise Out- August 30th to September 2nd

Our annual Labor Day Weekend Cruise to Marin Yacht Club is right around the corner!

This year we have been offered room for 30 boats, so be sure to save the dates and join the fun. Marin YC is set on the banks of the San Rafael Channel and offers many beautiful amenities. An easy walk from the boats is a swimming pool, large grass area and tennis courts. This is a family & pet friendly destination.

All boats are berthed in individual slips at Marin. The docks are beautiful and power and water is never an issue. Plan on arriving after Noon on Friday, or anytime on Saturday. We plan to enter the channel as close to high tide as possible which is 1:31PM on Friday and 2:09 PM on Saturday. Docking assistance will be available, be sure to hail Coyote Point Cruise Leader on VHF 68 when you enter the channel. Slipassignments are handled by the MYC Harbormaster, and will be distributed by email prior to the Cruise.

MYC serves dinner on Friday and Sunday Nights, please sign up for those dinners so we can give their galley a head count. Friday will be regular Menu Offerings and Sunday will be a Buffet. Friday and Sunday dinners will be settled with Marin YC. The bar will be open all 3 nights. Sunday Night at dinner we will award the prizes for the Bocce Ball Tournament, Saturday Night’s Appetizer Contest as well as other awards, so plan to attend.

Saturday Night we will enjoy a Western BBQ Dinner, catered by Sunday Afternoon BBQ Co., served outside at the traditional Farm Table. The menu includes BBQ Tri-Tip, Chicken, and Ribs as well as Cowboy Beans, Mac & Cheese, Green Salad and Garlic Bread, a vegetarian option will be available.The BBQ dinner will be charged to your CPYC Account, $21.50 per person inclusive.
The MYC Bar will be open before and after dinner, ( 4PM-9 PM ).

Bring an appetizer to share before dinner and be entered in the “App” Contest.
Asphalt Cruisers are welcome, but be sure to sign up in advance. 

Sunday afternoon the 7th Annual Bocce Ball Tournament will be held. What started years back with 5 teams playing has turned into an all afternoon event with over 20 teams. This event is fun to watch, even if you are not playing! Bocce can be played by folks of all ages, so put a team together and who knows, you might just win. Past Commodore Gary Edwards & Lucy won last year. I’m sure they will be defending their title.

Berthing is .50 cents a foot, LOA for boats to 50′. It’s a bit more for 50’+ LOA. A $17.50 per boat “FUN FEE” will be charged to cover the cost of miscellaneous fees charged by Marin YC. Berthing & Fun Fee will be charged to your CPYC Account.

CPYC’s 72 hour Cancellation Policy will be enforced.

Aeolian Yacht Club – July 19th to 21st

Cruise leader: TBD

Join us as we explore the Aeolian Yacht Club, at the eastern end of the Oakland Estuary. Last year this was a particularly fun cruise, as the fleet traveled together and enjoyed opening the bridges on the way down the estuary. The hospitality of the Aeolian Yacht Club is wonderful, and a great time is guaranteed for all. Docking is free!

There will be a dinner hosted by the Club on Saturday Night and Brunch on Sunday. The best event is…..

Friday evening is Jam night at Aeolian, so bring your instruments and your voices!!


The Aeolian Yacht Club can be reached either: (1) from the West through the San Leandro Channel and under the Bay Farm Island Bridge. The Bay Farm Island Bridge operator is available for opening seven days a week from 8 am to 5 pm with the exception of Monday-Friday commute traffic; and (2) from the Oakland Estuary by way of three bridges, Park Street, Fernside (Miller Sweeney) and High Street. All three bridges may be opened any time 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with the exception of M-F commute times. All you need to do as you approach the first bridge is to call them on VHF Channel 9 to request a bridge opening for all three bridges. As you approach, each bridge is opened. It’s a snap! Aeolian Yacht Club monitors Channel 68 when there is a cruise in.

More information here: http://www.aeolianyc.org/cruise-in-inform

Encinal Yacht Club Cruise Out

Join us on Father’s Day weekend for a fun filled family friendly foray to one of the Bay’s finest clubs! Encinal Yacht Club, being the 3rd oldest yacht club on the Bay, was founded in 1890. The club was established by residents living in Alameda’s Gold Coast, on the south shore of the Island. The club became famous for its moonlit parties, regattas, and cruising events. The club encouraged family participation from the very beginning.

We will be honoring Dads this weekend, so if you are a Dad, or are bringing a Dad with you, please let Gary know!

We hope for a warm weekend so we can enjoy the Pool. Meal options will be forthcoming.

Berthing is $1.00 a foot a night. Berthing is rafting in the “Encinal Horseshoe”. Not all boats will have direct Dock access. Please remember when rafted to walk across the fore deck of neighboring boats, not through the cockpit. All boats must stern into the Horseshoe. Those against the back dock will need to wait till the raft breaks up to get out on Sunday.

Are you ready to join the fun? Sign Up Here


Memorial Day Weekend Friday May 24th to Monday May 27th

Updated Weekend Cruise Out Plan

  • Head out around 7AM as Low Tide is at 11:27 AM
  • Dinner at Half Moon Bay Yacht Club(HMBYC) – Traditional Bar Food Bites


  • HMBYC Subs & Suds at 1PM
  • Subs & Suds (Beer Tasting) $16 per person
  • Dinner on your own


  • Half Moon Bay Distillery Tasting at 1:30pm
  • Boat Cocktail Hour 5pm – Boat Shannon


  • Head out around 9AM as Low Tide at the Gate is at 1PM

Join Bill and Emily Hoyt for CPYC’s only Blue Water Cruise Out to Half Moon Bay Yacht Club!

Half Moon Bay Yacht Club is a funky little Club, with friendly members, a great deck, and the best dingy dock out there. If you have never taken your boat out the Golden Gate there is no better time. Most of us cruise out together so you will always have some one near by to help guide you through your first ocean voyage.

We are still working out the details of the weekend but normally we enjoy a couple of meals at HMBYC, learn how to make a couple new cocktails at Half Moon Bay Distillery, and dingy over to a Happy Hour on one of the anchor out boats.

HMBYC doesn’t have accommodations for docking but Pillar Point Harbor has plenty of slips, mooring balls or anchorages. The Harbor is run on a first come first service basis so we aren’t able to reserve slips but everyone has always ended up with an option they’ve enjoyed.

We hope you will join us on one of our favorite cruise outs of the year!

Cruise Out Recap

South Beach Cruise Out

CPYC cruisers are on pace for a banner year in participation, and South Beach didn’t disappoint. We had spots for 10 boats and ended up accommodating 14. Including 4 first time cruisers.

  • Maurice & Julie on Rosy
  • Mark & Peggy on First Crush
  • Steve & Angela on Wood Knot
  • Keith on Whisky Belle

On Friday the first group rode the tide with light winds and sunny skies all the way and were greeted by some sea lions unhappy to be displaced on the warm docks. It was then that the boat hopping began and light snacks and stiff drinks were abound. Had Ross Bowling not ran out of ice we may have never left the slip.

After securing the last boat the group headed to 21st Amendment against the flow of Giants fans headed for the game. Beer flowed and stories were embellished new friends acquainted.

The last stop that night was back at South Beach Yacht Club in anticipation of fireworks following the conclusion of the ballgame…. We waited and waited but the game kept going and going. We called it a night and made our way back to the boats. At 1AM came and BOOOOM. After 18 innings the game ended and we got rocked back to sleep (literally) by the rockets red glare.

Saturday greeted the cruisers with more warm sun and we took advantage of it. From sight seeing in the city and surroundings of Oracle Park (I know, still hard to say) to the group raft up in McCovey cove. SeaDancer, Whisky Belle and Cardinal Rule swung lazily in the gentle breeze and enjoyed the roars of the crowd as the home team gained a victory over the visiting Rockies. (Sorry Jim and Keith). Dinner followed at SBYC and chef Mark topped off a fine day with an exquisite meal.  

Sunday we said goodbye to South Beach and headed home for CPYC. Before heading south a small group took advantage of the winds and made a brief sightseeing tour along the city front and glimpsed the Golden gate bridge. Ada Helen, First Crush and SeaDancer enjoyed perfect conditions despite an ebb tide and made it back in good time…. almost (Joe Pratt may still be stuck halfway in his slip).

Bill was O.D. so we opened the bar early and all enjoyed recapping the weekends events. Followed by a Game of Thrones watch party. An epic way to end a great weekend. Let’s keep this great trend going.


As we sunset our tradition of the Oyster Point Yacht Club Cruise Out, we have created a new one with Sierra Point Yacht Club.

Mark Roper & Sogno d’oro

Although it was a rainy Sunday morning we had 3 brave boats cruise up to Sierra Point Yacht Club, Mark Roper with Sogno d’oro, Brad Jones with Haven and Roger Emerick – St Francis with Seawolf.  Don’t you worry there were plenty of asphalt cruisers to make up about 50 people joining the fun.  The brunch was homemade by the Sierra Point Yacht Club volunteers and include eggs benedict, fritta, bacon, hash browns, sweet breads, fruit salad, strong coffee, and all the yacht club brunch cocktails you would want including yummy Gin Fizzes, and Bloody Marys.  Sierra Point has a great outdoor/indoor feel with a banque/bart room opening to an enclosed deck with a firepit and lovely view of the Marina. Not to mention it’s just one marina north of Oyster Point.

Once everyone had a chance to enjoy the brunch Mark Bettis recapped a wonderful cruise year and announced the 2018 Cruise Awards:

Gary Edwards Receiving Most Cruises Attended by a Power Boat
  • MOST CRUISES ATTENDED BY SAILBOAT: Catherine Miskow on Shannon
  • MOST CRUISES ATTENDED BY POWER BOAT: Gary Edwards on Panda Angler
  • CRUISE WITH THE MOST BOATS ATTENDING: Ross Bowling with the Marin Cruise Out

Thank you Mark for heading the last 2 years of Cruises! You have grown the program and have left me a great launching pad.

Up next was the announcement of the 2019 Cruise Schedule.  To say the least we have a great year planned including some long time favorites, Marin Yacht Club and Encinal Yacht Club, with some new adventures of an anchor outs at Clipper Cover.  

We hope to see you at one of our upcoming cruise outs:

  • SOUTHBEACH YACHT CLUB – April 12th to 14th

For a full calendar of Cruise outs please go to the Cruise 2019 page on the CPYC website or email cruise@cpyc.com. Let’s make this the best Cruise Season yet.

Last but not least we passed the mic to Steve Swanson for a recap of the racing season and to announce the 2018 Regatta Awards:

  • REGATTA: 1st Luther Izmirian,  2nd Jack Verducci, 3rd Tom Fedyna
  • SHORTEEZ RACE: 1st Mark Green, 2nd Tom Fedyna, 3rd Yvette Yon
  • THANK YOU COMMITTEE & SUPPORT BOAT PROVIDERS: Greg and Jazmine Soydemir, Jack Verducci, Mark Bettis & Gary Edwards

Thank you Steve for continuing to run our Regatta program.  

Don’t let the cold weather and lack of wind fool you, our winter racing season is in full swing with 2 regattas, Brrrr Rabbit & Double Up and Back completed.  The next club regatta is John Pitcher Memorial Race on March 2nd, which all boats in the Coyote Point Marina are welcome to join.  Last but not least our Winter Sailing Series on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of the month have started as well.  If you haven’t raced and want to try it out, don’t be scared. We love having new skippers join us so take a leap and come to the next skippers meeting.

All in all it was a great day despite the rain and hope to see many more cruises to Sierra Point Yacht Club.