Coyote Point Yacht Club History and Background
Coyote Point Yacht Club has been an integral part of the Bay Area’s boating community since 1941. The marina was built in the 1940’s, when it served as a US Merchant Marine Cadet School. It later became the first home to the College of San Mateo before becoming a park serving the surrounding community. Friends have been gathering at Coyote Point Yacht Club since it was formed on July 20, 1941. The burgee design we fly today was that of the Palo Alto Yacht Club, accepted by both clubs and symbolized the merging of our clubs on June 17, 1997. We are especially proud that the union of these two clubs continue the legacy as the oldest yacht club on the San Mateo peninsula.

Coyote Point is a shining jewel on the San Francisco Bay.
This 670 acre complex offers a wide diversity of landscape and activity. Easy to recognize from the water as a hilly tree-covered point jutting out into the bay, its playgrounds,picnic areas,beaches and lawns,marina,museum and golf course provide many land-based options for mariners visiting Coyote Point Yacht Club. There are numerous sheltered pathways for hiking and biking to stretch out one’s legs.

“The art of the sailor is to leave nothing to chance.”

-Annie Van De Wiele


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