Shorteez Regatta! Saturday, October 14, 2017

The Shorteez Regatta is held twice a year – once in the Spring and again in the Fall.  It’s a great event where we run three short races (weather permitting) for boats with PHRF ratings of 180 and above ONLY!

10-14-2017 Shorteez


Sounds like the group that showed up for this event had a great time!  Five boats participated – three Santana 525’s, an Ericson 28 and a Hunter 27.  This year we had just two races and the combined scoring produced the following winners:

1st place, Chai D.M., skippered by Vince Swerkes

2nd place, Liquid Kitty, skippered by Yvette Yong

3rd place, Schocktail, skippered by Mark Green

Congratulations to all! 

10-14-2017 Shorteez (2)

Chai D.M.

Look who joined the race:           10-14-2017-shorteez-3.jpg

Following the race we were treated to Chef Mac’s Clambake.

10-14-2017 Clambake

10-14-2017 Clambake (2)

Chef Mac talking to dinner guests

shorteez2017 (002)


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