Pacific Sail and Power Boat Show


Boat Show (4)








Thursday, April 6 – Sunday, April 9, 2017

Report from the Cruise Chair, Mark Bettis:

The boat show in Richmond was a great event for Coyote Point Yacht Club, and there are a few stories to tell!

I left Coyote Point early in the morning on Thursday the 6th of April, aboard Shannon, loaded with table and chairs, brochures and other materials for the booth. Four hours of motoring over calm waters brought me to Marina Bay Yacht Harbor, where I backed into a guest slip and tied up facing southward, in anticipation of a coming storm. Turned out it was a good idea to point the boat in that direction, because Mother Nature delivered a doozy!

Boat Show (3)

Thursday night saw gust of up to 60 knots. It was really howling, but Catherine and I were snug as could be with doubled-up dock lines and a stout vessel. However, when we awoke and emerged there was destruction in the marina. Four boats had unfurled and tattered jibs in our area. Over at the boat show a temporary dock had broken up and piled up on a raft of yachts causing severe damage to several expensive sailboats.

Boat Show (2)

The weather was edgy for most of the weekend, which affected attendance. Nevertheless the Club got a great deal of much needed exposure, and we answered a lot of questions and spoke with a fair number of interested boat owners and prospective boat owners. This was a great way to kick off our Spring membership drive, which continues May 20 with our open house.

Sunday evening after the show I enjoyed a fantastic evening sail back to Coyote Point, with fair winds and favorable currents. It was one of those truly magnificent evenings on the Bay!

A lot of people put significant time and effort into this event.  I’d like to thank those that helped with manning the booth:

Dave & Chris Stormont    Mark Liddell     Steve Belenky     Gary Edwards

Mark Malcolm      Peter Kanefsky     Craig Thorson    Alex Houlton

Mark Hecht & Linda Martinez          Steve & Bernadette DeArmond

Jocelyn & Steve Swanson (Ask them what they picked up at the show…)

And of course, big thanks to Catherine Miskow, our Membership Chair, who designed and printed brochures, a banner, membership applications and other various collateral. She also created wonderful Coyote Point key rings to hand out and showed up to work at the booth three out of the four days.

It was great to see so many members volunteering their time to help the Club!!!



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