St. Patrick’s Day Party – March 18, 2017

St. Patrick's Day (3)

We had a great turn out for the wearing of the green at our St. Patrick’s Day Party on Saturday night!

We were joined by a number of our long-time members, including Gay O’Brien, LaVey Norquist and Linnea Liddell who arrived on Friday afternoon to decorate our dining room.  They put together some beautiful table decorations:

St Patrick's Day (2)

St. Patrick's Day (6)

When they were finished the dining room looked just beautiful!

St. Patricks Day 2017 CPYC (27)c (002)

On Saturday, we enjoyed a dinner of corned beef, cabbage, potatoes, carrots, Irish soda bread and a delicious dessert.  During dinner we were treated to a performance by Murphy’s Irish Dancers, a tradition at our St. Patrick’s Day parties for many years.

Gay O’Brien led us in singing several Irish songs, accompanied by Dave Badilla’s one-man band

 After singing, some took to dancing and some enjoyed “Irish flu shots” (miniature bottles of Jameson’s Irish Whiskey that were placed at each table setting) and some enjoyed keeping our bartenders, Dave and Carly, busy!

Thanks to all who made this evening such a success, including hosts Gay O’Brien and Commodore Andy Smith; LaVey Norquist and Linnea Liddell; our kitchen crew including Lisa and Maria; our servers, Carly and Tamara; our  bartenders, Carly amd Dave, and Mark Liddell for the terrific pictures!

Four leaf clover

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