PICYA Annual Dinner, February 6, 2017

Once again, CPYC hosted the annual PICYA Dinner.  It was well-attended by many of the local yacht clubs and everyone enjoyed the dinner.

In case you aren’t familiar with PICYA (Pacific Inter-Club Yacht Association), this is a group that promotes inter-club communications, activities and social programs that enhance the welfare of the member clubs.  Opening Day on the Bay is the largest event that they coordinate during the year.

Here are some pictures from the dinner:

Head table with CPYC Commodore, Andy Smith, second from right.PICYA 2-6-2017 (6)

Pete VanDerWerff, CPYC’s PICYA representative, far right, Mark Liddell, past PICYA rep to his leftPICYA 2-6-2017

PICYA 2-6-2017 (4)

Bill Hoyt, making sure that everyone was served

PICYA 2-6-2017 (3)

Tamara, serving

PICYA 2-6-2017 (5)

Kitchen Crew:

Chef, Craig Thorson

Helpers, Linnea Liddell, Jan Mendez and Maria

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