Cruise to Aeolian Yacht Club, February 18-19, 2017

Aeolian (4)

Our Membership Chair, Catherine Miskow, one of the attendees on the cruise, gave us this report on the trip:

On the weekend of February 18, 4 boats and 7 intrepid (or crazy) mariners bravely cruised out to Aeolian Yacht Club in Alameda.  Due to the tides, the fleet took the “long way” (down the Estuary) rather than the back entrance (significantly shorter distance) through San Leandro Channel.

“Shannon,” “Panda Angler,” “Hot Ice” and the newest member of the fleet, a Balboa 26 named “B-26”, plowed through gusts of up to 30 knots, 3-4 foot swells and the occasional rain showers to get to Aeolian, with a slight detour to a Chandlery to fix a tiller that broke just as the fleet entered the Estuary.  A wonderful, warm, home-cooked meal was waiting for them at Aeolian, as well as a home-cooked breakfast for the return to CPYC.

Aeolian (3)Aeolian (1)

Aeolian (2)

Aeolian (5)

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