South Bay Opening Day 2016

Aloha!  The theme for this year’s South Bay Opening Day (SBOD) event was Aloha in the south bay.  If you missed the event, you missed a great time visiting our club and 3 other clubs in the South Bay for meals and celebrations.  The Hawaiian theme ran through the entire event, starting with dinner Friday night at Coyote Point Yacht Club.




Thanks Yvette for hosting a great dinner where the club received complements for the entire weekend.  The chicken, ribs and rice (with spam, of course) was excellent.


And, because we had all four commodores from the organizing clubs in attendance, we couldn’t resist capturing the moment.  From right to left is Rick Gilmore (Commodore, Sequoia Yacht Club), Gus Meyner (Commodore, South Bay Yacht Club), Gary Edwards (Commodore, Coyote Point Yacht Club), and Judy McDowell (Commodore, Penninsula Yacht Club).


Saturday started with Breakfast at Sequoia Yacht clubIMG_3681.JPG

But the main event was the boat parade.  Mark showed a little early and checked in with the port captain.


The festivities began with a blowing of the conchIMG_3691.JPG

and a blessing of the fleet


along with speeches from various officials such as the mayor of Redwood City and a commissioner of the Port of Redwood City.  The parade began with a firing of the cannon.

Coyote Point had two entries into the boat parade:  Mark Canton with Escape


and Jack Verducci with Vita e Bella


Both boats were decked out and crewed to perfection.  And, both received awards



Mark should have received a bigger award for towing one of the other entrants back into the harbor.

Lunch and Hawaiian themed activities abounded for the afternoon at Sequoia, including hula dancers.


and a Hawaiian band.

Many of us then retired to Penninsula Yacht club for dinner and partying the night away.




The weekend ended with a brunch at South Bay Yacht Club.


After brunch, we all went home to rest having had a great weekend with our friends and club members at neighboring clubs.

If you want to flip through all of the pictures for this event, they can be found here.

Attendance at the Sequoia cruise out that surrounded this event included Jack Verduci (Vita e Bella), Mark Canton (Escape), Gary Edwards (Panda Angler), Luther (Paradim), and Joe Pratt (Ada Helen).




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