Kay & Dave Few Regatta Results

Winds At Start: 1 – 2 knots, Start Time Division A: 12:15:00, Start Time Division B: 12:25:00, 75F, Blue Skies

PHRF                 Finish                    Corrected


Spinnaker Division A

1st  Paradigm          126                    14:19:18                 13:59:31

2nd Sweet Grapes  108                    14:21:15                 14:04:42


3rd Liquid Kitty      189                   14:50:40                14:16:55


Jet Lag               141                        DNS                       DNS




Non-Spinnaker Division B

1st Chablis IV          231                    14:46:57                13:58:08


2nd Zingara             156                    14:40:03               14:03:20


3rd Liquid Asset     144                    14:44:56               14:11:03


4th Sundancer        144                    14:50:00              14:15:48


In honor of Dave, I’ll post the results first for those who only care about the racing. Those who didn’t have a chance to participate missed a very special day on the water and at the get together on dock twelve.

The first annual Kay and Dave Few Regatta had eight boats total, racing in two divisions, spinnaker & non-spinnaker. Working the race committee boat were Steve Basuino, Nick Kluznick, Liz Schaefer, Roger Roe and John Hernandez. Bob and Pam Carlen raced Sundancer in non-spinnaker. Other old time CYPCer’s joined us at the after race party: Mike Finn, Wayne and Wilma Hollenbeck, Ken & Kristine Inouye,  Joe and Wayne Weathers, Dave Scardigli, and Eileen (Campbell) Wall,  just to name a few.


The race was delayed for 15 minutes due to lack of wind. The spinnaker fleet went off first at 12:15. Paradigm had loaded up with two female crew who have raced the big boat series. It showed as they were first across the line followed by Sweet Grapes. Liquid Kitty being the smallest boat in the fleet was handicapped with the smallest head sail and had trouble getting moving in the very light air. Mark Green, Sweet Grapes  remarked:


”We were twenty yards from the line , perfectly positioned  when the gun went off, it took us three minutes to cross the line.”


Ten minutes later the non-spinnaker boats attempted to cross the line and suffered swirling winds as we approached the line. Chablis, with Ken Inouye  at the helm, Vince Swerkes and Leslie Few had the best start non spinnaker with Zingara trailing. Zingara took a tack straight ashore while the rest of the fleet struggled to go to weather. This would end up being the right thing to do as she caught the wind before the rest of the fleet and accelerated past the rest of the boats in the non-spinnaker division.


Eventually the wind filled to between 8-12 knots, perfect sailing conditions, flat water, warm air. If you closed your eyes you could believe you were in the tropics, that is until the F-22 took off from the airport. Two things about the day brought Dave to mind. First, for those who have had the privilege of seeing some of Dave’s pictures from his NASA days. He was the project manger on the first successful tilt rotor aircraft. As the fleet was approaching the birdcage a Marine MV-22 tiltrotor landed at SFO, the production version of the aircraft that Dave helped develop, a sweet reminder of our missing comrade. Later in the day at the rounding of channel marker 8 each boat was supposed to toss a rose out in honor of Dave. Being short handed rounding a mark is a very busy time so each crew had to make the decision when to toss the rose. Most, like those on Liquid Asset, tossed it well early of the mark as we had a lot to do to get around it in good racing form. I think Dave would have understood.


After finishing the course we had a get together and an awards ceremony on Dock 12. Chablis corrected out ahead of Paradigm for the overall best corrected time, much to Luther’s chagrin, which proved the CPYC adage that “if you could see Dave at the finish you lost!”

I want to thank Kay for the gorgeous trophies which she had engraved and donated! Mark Green gathered the finish times and computed the results. Vince Swerkes and Mark Green/Alan Orr offered Chai DM and Sweet Grapes, respectively, as places for the crowd to gather as well as finding chairs, etc…… Finally, I’d also like to thank all those folks who changed plans to participate in this special event on a very busy weekend.



Jim Manishin, Regatta Chair


About Coyote Point Yacht Club

Coyote Point Yacht Club is located at Coyote Point Park in San Mateo, south of the Bay Bridge and north of the San Mateo Bridge. Views of San Francisco and the San Mateo Bridge/Oakland provide a pretty setting for events in the club house and outdoor activities in our backyard. BBQ facilities, showers for men and women, and free ice are available.
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