Jerry O’Grady Regatta Results

Regatta Results

Course 9  Zp to Ap to Cp to 6s to 8s to Zp, 9.5 nm

Winds: 10 knots at start

Boat                 Skipper     PHRF     Elapsed Time     Corrected Time

Paradigm Luther Izmarian   126      1:41:05                 1:37:15

Friday’s Eagle Mark Hecht   180     1:53:29                 1:41:03

Hot Ice          Mike Haddock   96     1:40:43                 1:41:20

Jet Lag          Torin Knorr      144     1:49:10                  1:42:15

Moria            Steve                  150     1:54:39                  1:46:28

Liquid Kitty Aaron Swerkes 189     2:02:49                 1:48:02

Saturday morning was perfect for a sailboat race. Beautiful sunny day with a just few clouds, light winds and very little chop. We had six skippers ready to participate in the Jerry O”Grady singlehanded race, the usual club racers, Mark of “Friday’s Eagle” fame out of South Beach and two late entries, Steve “the cop” of CP dock 12, “Moria”, Islander 36 and Aaron Swerkes aboard “Liquid Kitty” Santana 525.

For those of you who haven’t seen Moria come take a look at what Steve has done to that boat, best looking I-36 I’ve ever seen and it’s not quite done! Liquid Kitty has a new bottom and was racing in anger for the first time in years. Mike, Hot Ice and Torin, Jet Lag convinced Chris of American Divers, to scrub their boats on Friday and to forget about Paradigm. Paradigm was theoretically handicapped by a dirty bottom so Luther had something to prove.

Sweet Grapes volunteered to be committee boat for the race and Mark Green, the skipper, left the dock with Yvette Yong, “Liquid Kitty”, Leslie Few, “Blueline”, and myself as crew. We were motoring in the harbor when the engine died as we entered the channel. Quick work by the ladies saved the day. They unfurled the jib and got it trimmed quickly, giving us enough speed to fight the flood and leave the channel in good form. Mark dove down below to work on the engine.  Put me on the helm while we beat to weather towards smiley face, our “Z” mark, where we traditionally start our races.

Mark managed to extract 6-8 bottles filled with murky brown water from his fuel tank before the filter completely clogged. No motor this day. It made setting the mark more challenging as we only had one chance to get it right but the racers got a nice square start line and after a 15 minute delay the race began at 12:15 PM.

Luther Izmarian, Paradigm was 30 seconds late to the start line after screaming down from upbay and hardening up while passing the committee boat heading towards the airport on a starboard tack. We watched while Luther made no progress against the current on that tack while the rest of the fleet approached the line on the same starboard tack. It was clear to us that none of the rest of the fleet could make the line which forced everyone to make one additional tack before crossing the line on a port tack heading further into the channel and the strong flood. The next boat over the line was 3:30 behind Paradigm and the race was now for 2-6th places.

In the light air it looked like Liquid Kitty was keeping up with the big boats but the wind creeped up past ten to 12 and 16-18 at the finish the big boats starting sailing away. Luther maintained his lead over the water but was being stalked by Hot Ice who flies in light wind conditions. Friday’s Eagle and Jet Lag were having a race. Liquid Kitty and Moria were trailing the pack. Steve, aboard Moria had a 110 jib up praying for the howling winds of summer while Aaron, Liquid Kitty, was hoping for just the opposite! The actual conditions were not strong enough for the heavy Islander and too strong for the Santana flying a 150 jib.

The most exciting part of the day was watching Hot Ice catch Paradigm on the final beat to the finish. Hot Ice took a more westerly approach and was on a starboard tack approaching the line. Paradagm was approaching on a port tack. The boats were finished 25 seconds apart after a 9.5 mile course! Now what would have happened if Mike had a good start? We’ll have to wait for the Barth race to find out!

Next official race is the Barth Regatta Saturday September 22nd. It will be a race from CPYC to Sequoia Yacht Club.   Some things being planned:

Theme: Western Bar-B-Que

Events: Kick Off Dinner at CPYC Friday 21st!

3 Sec/Mi. bonus for full crew costume participation!

Bar-B-Que at Sequoia on Saturday evening.

FREE guest dock usage at Sequoia Saturday 22nd.

CP vs Sequoia Yacht Club Championship


The boys at Seqouia have a hot fleet of boats. We need all hands the win back the trophy!!!!


More to come!


Jim Manishin

Regatta Chair


About Coyote Point Yacht Club

Coyote Point Yacht Club is located at Coyote Point Park in San Mateo, south of the Bay Bridge and north of the San Mateo Bridge. Views of San Francisco and the San Mateo Bridge/Oakland provide a pretty setting for events in the club house and outdoor activities in our backyard. BBQ facilities, showers for men and women, and free ice are available.
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