CA Governer Proposes Elimination of Department of Boating and Waterways

The Department of Boating and Waterways (DBW) is critical to the future of boating in California. DBW funds launch ramp construction, loans for marina construction, construction of boating safety centers, boating safety and law enforcement programs, abandoned vessel removal, public outreach programs, and even weed control in boating areas!

If we are going to save DBW, it will take all of us letting the right people know that this is a department worth saving. How can you help? We need you to contact the Assembly Budget Subcommittee #3 on Resources and Transportation BEFORE March 28th, which is when the committee will be hearing this proposal. Here is a link that provides the contact information for the members of the committee.

Use the information below to write a letter or send an email to everyone you might know! You can also use the draft letter at the end of this document, but remember the more personalized the letter the better.

(Use this information for your emails and letters. We have attached a form letter below, but the more personalized the letter the better!)

    * DBW is completely self-funded by boater’s dollars. DBW does not rely on the State General Fund for one penny to pay for the many construction projects, programs, staff or any of its operating expenses. Eliminating the Department WILL NOT help with the State’s financial problems.
    * Boating is an economic powerhouse: Recreational boating contributes approximately $16.5 billion to the gross state product, which represents about 1.2 percent of the State’s economy and generates about $1.6 billion in state and local taxes. There are more than 8,500 recreational boating-related businesses. Recreational boating also creates over 284,000 direct and indirect jobs. DBW’s efforts are dedicated to promoting boating and are critical to ensuring the future economic health of California.
    * DBW is the primary funding source for boating infrastructure construction. Each year DBW provides millions of dollars in the form of grants and loans for private enterprises and public agencies for boating infrastructure projects. Without the availability of these grants and loans, boating infrastructure improvements and repairs will be severely hampered, along with the much-needed jobs these projects create.
    * DBW loans money that is paid back with interest. These loans generate approximately $20 million dollars in revenue each year for the Department through the repayment of principal and interest on these loans. DBW makes money for the State!
    * DBW’s safety programs save lives. Boating accidents are the second-largest type of transportation accident in the nation, exceeded only by automobile accidents, and California ranks second nationally in the number of boating accidents and fatalities. DBW has an aggressive safety outreach program, including direct financial support for law enforcement in high boating counties, that is critical to saving lives on the water.

In short, the Department of Boating and Waterways does an excellent job that has many direct and indirect financial and other benefits to the State, all without the help of the General Fund. To allow this Department to be eliminated will have a serious impact on the economy and the safe enjoyment of boating.



Insert Name/Address

Subject: I Oppose Elimination of the Department of Boating and Waterways!

Dear __________:

I am writing to express my strong opposition to the Governor’s proposal to eliminate the Department of Boating and Waterways (DBW).

The Department builds much of the states boating infrastructure, promotes boating safety, and through its various other programs ensures that the State maintains a vibrant boating environment.

Boating is a very large part of state’s economic activity and keeping DBW in place is critical to ensuring that this import piece of the economy continues to do its part to provide jobs, pay taxes, and an opportunity for families to recreate.

Please keep boating strong by saving the Department of Boating and Waterways!


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