Marin Cruise Out

Sign Up Now for the Marin Cruise.  If you cannot boat up, consider joining us for a portion of the events.

Sign-up for the marin cruise here.

Message from the Marin Cruise Out Committee:

Marin Yacht Club Labor Day Cruise
It is with great excitement that we bring an update regarding the Cruise. In an effort to bring all those attending a bit closer and to make this Cruise one to remember we are shaking it up a bit.  Instead of having the Saturday Night Pre Dinner hors d”oeuvres and then having 25 people jockey for space to throw those $20 dollar steaks on the BBQ and watching them burn, we have arranged with Torin Knorr to bring his Roadside Feast BBQ Trailer to Marin. Torin will be preparing the Dinner and we just added a Breakfast on Sunday Morning as well. This is going to be one heck of a Party. We will have tables and chairs set up so no one will need to go searching for a place to eat.  I told you we are trying to “Class this Cruise UP” !
Dinner will feature:
Apple wood spit roasted chickens;
Roto culotte steak ( like Brazilian Steakhouse);
Corn on the Cob;
Dry seared green beans;

all for $25 per person. You’d spend that much on a do it your self BBQ.
Breakfast will include:
French Toast;
Home made bacon;
Eggs to order;
all for $12.00

Please consider attending the Marin Yacht Club Sunday Dinner as well. It is “Proper Etiquette” to support the Host Club. Marin does wonderful things for us so please join us for the Sunday Dinner.

Please direct questions to one of us.
Ross Bowling 
Jim Fadenrecht
Steve Bausino

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Open House

Join us for our Open House on Saturday:

July 2015 open house

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Stars and Stripes Regatta Update

Attention Sailors,

Due to a minus 1.24 tide at 9am, we are pushing the start of tomorrow’s race back to 11:30.

Skippers meeting will now be at 10am, rather than 8:30

Mark Bettis
Regatta Chair
Coyote Point Yacht Club

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Safety Update Regarding the Old Bay Bridge Removal From PICYA

As of today, 6/15/2015, Caltrans has cleared and swept the main channel span of both bridges between piers “G” & “H”. This is the main (large) channel span closest to the east side of YBI.
The USCG Captain of the Port has approved all vessels to pass through the Safety Zone in the main channel span of the SSOBB and that Safety Zone is being terminated.
VTS San Francisco is advising waterway traffic to transit the main channel span “G-H”.
The green center span lights previously in the “I-J” span have been discontinued.
The green center span lights in the main channel span “G-H” have been activated.
All waterway traffic is advised to avoid navigating under the old bridge from piers “H” to the Oakland shorel ine due to overhead demolition of the bridge.
A COTP Safety Zone will be established shortly prohibiting vessel operation under the demolition area.
There will be a Broadcast Notice to Mariners and the information will be included in the weekly Local Notice to Mariners as the project progresses.
Please share as necessary.
Thank you,

Commander, Eleventh Coast Guard District (dpw)
Attn: David H. Sulouff, Bridge Administrator
Bldg 50-2, Coast Guard Island
Alameda, CA 94501

(510) 437-3516 Office
(510) 219-4366 Cell
(510) 437-5836 Fax

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Sausalito Cruise

Had a great cruise to Sausalito over the memorial day weekend.



Although the Panda was the lone power boat present (we really must fix that), we made the best of it.


Of course, it was also somebody’s birthday that weekend, so on Saturday we had a great dock party to celebrate.




And party we did (at least all of my wine disappeared somewhere).


Lots of fun for all.  On Sunday, we headed downtown for drinks and dinner at the Sausalito Yacht Club.  Returned to our club on Monday.





While we were gone, our own club was hosting  Oakland Yacht club.  Twelve boats cruised in (one came from San Diego).  Craig Thorson was holding down the club and served 25 dinners Friday night, a BBQ for 38 people on Saturday, and 21 breakfasts on Sunday morning.  Thanks Craig!

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Club Events

Last weekend was a great weekend at the club with a Spaghetti Feed on Saturday and Burger night on Friday.

This coming weekend is an activity packed weekend for the Club.  We have about 12 club boats attending the Sausalito Cruise-out for the weekend.  Meanwhile, we are being visited by the Oakland Yacht Club and the Islander-36 Association.  Consequently, if you are not attending the cruise-out, there is a great deal of activity at the club.  Craig Thorson has put together meals on Friday and Saturday and a brunch on Sunday, which I would encourage everyone (not attending the cruise-out) to attend.

Momorial Week end Cruise-In (4)

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Mother’s Day Weekend

We started the weekend on Friday with a great taco buffet.  Everyone enjoyed all-you-can eat tacos, rice, and beans.  On Saturday, a chicken dinner was offered.  But, the highlight of the weekend was Mother’s Day Brunch.  Craig, with the help of several other people, organized a truly spectacular brunch spread that included several appetizers, ham, quiche, pancakes (with real maple syrup– non of that fake stuff), corned beef hash with poached eggs, and of course the usual array of scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, breads, fruits, etc.  Meanwhile, Carly served up mimosas and bloody marys at the bar.

Sorry for no pictures this week.

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