Mardi Gras Dinner – February 25, 2017

Joining us for our Mardi Gras Dinner on Saturday night, were members of the San Jose Sailing Club, who sailed in Friday and Saturday.   Here’s a great picture taken by our Port Captain, Mark Malcolm, showing their seven boats tied up at our guest dock earlier in the day.

SJSC cruise in Guest Dock Feb 2017

We had a terrific turnout for our dinner: in addition to our own members, the San Jose Sailing Club brought 38 people to our dinner!

Mardi Gras (9)

The menu had a Cajun theme and included Chicken and Andouille Jambalaya, Shrimp Etoufee, Fried Okra, Green Beans with Bacon, Steamed Corn and Rice.

Mardi Gras (6)

Mardi Gras Jewelry

The bar was a busy place this night…

Mardi Gras (10)

and Linda was hard at work

making her signature Hurricane cocktails – they were a real hit!

Laissez les bons temps rouler!

Everyone agreed that it was a great party!

Here’s the beautiful poster that Catherine created for the event:

Mardi Gras Flyer 2-25-2017

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Cruise to Aeolian Yacht Club, February 18-19, 2017

Aeolian (4)

Our Membership Chair, Catherine Miskow, one of the attendees on the cruise, gave us this report on the trip:

On the weekend of February 18, 4 boats and 7 intrepid (or crazy) mariners bravely cruised out to Aeolian Yacht Club in Alameda.  Due to the tides, the fleet took the “long way” (down the Estuary) rather than the back entrance (significantly shorter distance) through San Leandro Channel.

“Shannon,” “Panda Angler,” “Hot Ice” and the newest member of the fleet, a Balboa 26 named “B-26”, plowed through gusts of up to 30 knots, 3-4 foot swells and the occasional rain showers to get to Aeolian, with a slight detour to a Chandlery to fix a tiller that broke just as the fleet entered the Estuary.  A wonderful, warm, home-cooked meal was waiting for them at Aeolian, as well as a home-cooked breakfast for the return to CPYC.

Aeolian (3)Aeolian (1)

Aeolian (2)

Aeolian (5)

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PICYA Annual Dinner, February 6, 2017

Once again, CPYC hosted the annual PICYA Dinner.  It was well-attended by many of the local yacht clubs and everyone enjoyed the dinner.

In case you aren’t familiar with PICYA (Pacific Inter-Club Yacht Association), this is a group that promotes inter-club communications, activities and social programs that enhance the welfare of the member clubs.  Opening Day on the Bay is the largest event that they coordinate during the year.

Here are some pictures from the dinner:

Head table with CPYC Commodore, Andy Smith, second from right.PICYA 2-6-2017 (6)

Pete VanDerWerff, CPYC’s PICYA representative, far right, Mark Liddell, past PICYA rep to his leftPICYA 2-6-2017

PICYA 2-6-2017 (4)

Bill Hoyt, making sure that everyone was served

PICYA 2-6-2017 (3)

Tamara, serving

PICYA 2-6-2017 (5)

Kitchen Crew:

Chef, Craig Thorson

Helpers, Linnea Liddell, Jan Mendez and Maria

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Double Up & Back Race 2/4/2017

               What a beautiful day for a race!

Luther 2-4-2017

Congratulations to Luther Izmirian & Crew on Paradigm for 1st place Overall!

Shannon on 2-4-2017

and to

Mark Bettis & Catherine Miskow on Shannon for 1st place in the Double-Handed Division

Te Santana 525s on 2-4-2017

The Santana 525s – Yvette Yong & Crew on Liquid Kitty & Tom Fedyna & Crew on Smooth – were duking it out for 2nd place in the Double-Handed Division

Mark HEcht & Crew on Azure

Mark Hecht & Crew on Azure

2-4-2017 Race (7)

Mike Haddock & Crew on Hot Ice

Everyone had a great time!

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Oyster Point Cruise-Out & Brunch January 22, 2017

The morning following the Commodore’s Ball,  a number of our members
 gathered at Oyster Point YC for the Annual Brunch
Oyster Point
2017 Oyster Point Brunch

CPYC Commodore Andy Smith mentioned to the group that CPYC has been coming to Oyster Point YC for brunch for 50 years!
2017 Oyster Point Brunch

  The Oyster Point members certainly made us feel very welcome and the food was great!

2017 Oyster Point Brunch

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Commodore’s Ball

We had a wonderful turnout for the Commodore’s Ball on Saturday, January 21.  Many of our past Commodores joined us for a delicious dinner and to witness the swearing in of the Board of Directors for 2017.

IMG_1624 (002).JPG

IMG_1616 (002).JPG

IMG_1615 (002).JPG

IMG_1612 (002).JPG

Among our past Commodore’s who attended were the following:

Terry Owens  1984      Jan Miller (wife of Richard)  1986

Richard Sponholtz  1994     Lloyd Boldeman  1998 

Kay O’Brien (wife of James)  1995        Joe Pennese  2001  

John Watson (husband of Lois) 2005      Wayne Weathers  2007   

Steve Basuino  2010       Jack Verducci  2011      Mark Liddell   2012  

Chuck Johnson  2013        Joe Pratt    2014       Laurel Reid  2015 

Gary Edwards  2016

The 2017 Board of Directors was introduced and the Oath of Office was administered by Admiral Gerry McKay

IMG_1633 (002).JPG

IMG_1632 (002).JPG

Our new Commodore, Andy Smith, then introduced himself to the gathering and gave us a very interesting description of his background – he is a very accomplished guy!

IMG_1636 (002).JPG

After all of our “business” was concluded, the evening was turned over to the dancers who danced to the one-man band of Dave Badilla.  Everyone enjoyed the music!

IMG_2423 (002).JPG

Here are just a couple of our dancers:

IMG_2422 (002).JPGIMG_2424 (002).JPG


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Murder Among the Mateys

For one night only, the CPYC bar was renamed The Salty Sea Dog to host a dinner party between the elite governor and his family and and the notorious pirates of the area, headed by Captain Redbeard.IMG_4585.JPG


Everyone dressed the part and stayed in character all night, including Carly, Dave, Lisa, and Lynda who played the staff of The Salty Sea Dog.  The drama unfolded. according to scripted instructions from a master of ceremonies, played by Collin, and according to each individual character, to the enjoyment of all.












And, of course, during the night a murder happened.


At the end, the murderer was caught and prizes where provided to the one who played the part the best — Mark Bettis.


A great time was had by all.  Thanks to Bill and Emily for setting this up.  As a side note, the planners of this event are already scheming out a repeat event for sometime next spring.    So if you missed out on this one, keep an eye out for the next one.




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