General Membership Meeting & Pig Roast July 22, 2017

We had a good turnout for our dinner and General Membership Meeting and met some of our new members.

First, Gary and helpers put the pig on the BBQ:

Pig Roast 7-22-2017 (3)Pig Roast 7-22-2017

Pig Roast 7-22-2017 (5)


Pig Roast 7-22-2017 (4)
























While the pig was cooking, old and new members met in the bar and dining room to enjoy cocktails.

GMM 7-22-2017

Mark & Dorothy Malcolm

GMM 7-22-2017 (5)

Membership Chair, Cathy Miskow and new member, Nancy Kay Metzger

GMM 7-22-2017 (4)

Luther Izmirian and friends enjoying cocktails on the deck (and keeping an eye on the pig!)

We enjoyed some great sides with the pig:

Pig Roast 7-22-2017 (7)

After dinner, we heard Commodore Andy Smith give an update on club improvements.  Colin Lindberg gave a presentation on putting in a Bocce Ball Court in our backyard.  The CPYC Board will consider this at the next meeting.  Stay tuned for more developments!

GMM 7-22-2017 (3)

Here;s the flyer Cathy put out to announce the Pig Roast:

Pig Roast-GMM

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Cruise to San Francisco Yacht Club in Belvedere, July 7 – July 9, 2017

Cruise Leader, Ross Bowling, gave us this report of the weekend events:

The 2017 cruise to San Francisco Yacht Club is in the books and it appeared that a good time was had by all.  Seven boats tied up at this beautiful spot for a weekend of sun, relaxation and camaraderie. San Francisco Yacht Club is one happening place on Friday nights.

SFYC Cruise 7-7-2017 (6)


SFYC Cruise 7-7-2017 (2)

SFYC Cruise 7-7-2017 (3)

As the sun hit the yardarm, boat after boat was prepared for their Friday Night Races.  Both of the Club’s dry storage hoists were dropping boats into the harbor as fast as they could.

SFYC Cruise 7-7-2017 (7)

Club members were driving into the parking lot dressed in office attire, quickly changing into sailing shorts and polo shirts & getting their “sleds” into the water and rigged. It was quite a sight, and two hours later, the reverse was happening as 30+ boats were lifted back up by the cranes and placed on their trailers for storage. It was quite a ballet of fiberglass.

SFYC Cruise 7-7-2017 (8)

Many of us had dinner at the Club on Friday night, either in the dining room or at the Members Friday Night BBQ on the deck. The Bar was quite crowded as it appeared that most of the sailors were there swapping truth and lies about the evenings races. I think the Bar was still hopping at midnight.

SFYC Cruise 7-7-2017 (4)

Many in our group went for a Sunset Cruise aboard the Angel Island Ferry, coordinated by Mark Bettis. The highlight were the tales of their up close and personal viewing of a large pod of whales playing near the Ferry while it was near Mile Rock, outside the Golden Gate.

SFYC Cruise 7-7-2017

A short walk into Tiburon was on the agenda for many on Saturday morning. Some folks took the opportunity to jump on the Angel Island Ferry for the quick trip to the State Park. It is reported that the deck at Sam’s was well patronized as well as the deck at SFYC for late breakfasts or early lunches.

SFYC Cruise 7-7-2017 (9)

SFYC Cruise 7-7-2017 (10)





Later in the afternoon Membership Chair Cathy Miskow hosted a get together to welcome her boat, Cardinal Rule to the cruising fleet. It was also fun to have Michelle & Keith Parker along on their first Club Cruise-Out aboard Nightingale. Michelle nailed her landing and was a pro at getting out of her sidetie on Sunday morning. Panda Angler, Stoli’n Time, Haven, Tenacious  and Vita Bella rounded out our armada. Many members drove to the Club, some staying at local hotels.

SFYC Cruise 7-7-2017 (16)

SFYC Cruise 7-7-2017 (5)





SFYC Cruise 7-7-2017 (15)








Saturday evening we had 30 members and guests attend dinner in the dining room. Commodore Smith thanked SFYC for having us. Both the Salmon and Steak entrees were cooked to perfection.

SFYC Cruise 7-7-2017 (14)

SFYC Cruise 7-7-2017 (11)

It was a lazy Sunday morning, with lots of coffee smells coming from our boats. It seemed to me that almost everyone was under way back home by 10:30.

Some of us had the good fortune of spotting a whale just west of Alcatraz as we crossed the slot, finishing an outstanding weekend with a flair.

See you on the water!

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Chef Mac’s Pop-Up Dinner Saturday, July 8, 2017

Once again, we were treated to a wonderful dinner prepared by Guest Chef, Mac Fahie.  Mac’s Summer menu included Carolina Ribs, Beer Can Chicken, Broccoli Slaw, Lexington Coleslaw, Corn on the Cob and Smoked Potatoes, and it was GOOD!

Here’s Chef Mac checking in with member Hooman Jazaie to see if the food met expectations – it certainly did!

7-8-2017 Dinner (7)

Just look at this feast!

 Dinner 7-8-2017

                                                         Guests enjoying their meal

7-8-2017 Dinner (5)

7-8-2017 Dinner (4)

There was also had a surprise birthday celebration for member Luther Izmirian, who’s wife, Beth, surprised him with a cake.

7-8-2017 Dinner (2)

Here’s Yvette Yong, Vice Commodore offering her birthday wishes.

7-8-2017 Dinner (3)

All in all, it was a very successful night and everyone had a great time!

7-8-2017 Dinner (6)

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Youth Sailing Program – 2017

by Mark Malcolm, Port Captain
Your future crew and the next America’s Cup skippers are in the making at
CPYC’s  Youth Sailing Program! 
It is mid-season and CPYC’s Youth Sailing  program is in full swing.
  This summer has provided an abundance of excellent weather
 for the participants.  In our program, junior sailors learn the basics of sailing, racing, and boating  safety from our certified sailing instructors.
 We offer seven week-long sessions each summer.  Participant’s ages range from 8-13.  In its training fleet Coyote Point YC has 10 Optimists prams,  two Lasers, and two Puffers for the young  sailors. (Of course, adventurous adult club members have access to the fleet, when  the junior sailors aren’t using them.)
The Youth Sailing camp starts at 9:00 and runs  until 4:00 each weekday during the summer months. The final week of this year’s program will be the week of August 7-11.  Club members can take advantage of the program at a discount rate. If you know a young person who might be interested in learning to sail and having a sailing adventure this summer, contact  CPYC via our website,
Program instructors  are:  Keven Kirberg,  Meris Walsh, and Cyarah Vince.
Here are some great pictures of our Youth Sailing Camp taken on June 30, 2017:
Youth Sailing 6-30-2017 (3)
Youth Sailing 6-30-2017
Youth Sailing 6-30-2017 (4)
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Yvette’s Pasta Dinner – Saturday, June 24

Yvette cooked another wonderful dinner for us!  Several different varieties of pasta:

Pasta Dinner 6-24-2017 (2)


Pasta Dinner 6-24-2017

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“Dance the Night Away” – Saturday, June 17, 2017

“In honor of the longest day of summer”, our bartender Linda Bullis, hosted a                                                             “Summer Solstice” party.



6-17-2017 Party (5)

A great time was had by all who attended the party.  The food was terrific – BBQing thanks to Buzz – and the music was incredible.

Here’s a picture of Buzz, Linda and Gil McCoy

Party 6-17-2017 (2)


The band, “Sweet Talk” is described as a “compilation” band and plays music from a variety of different genres.  The real hit was their lead singer, Gayle Sutherland, who had the most amazing voice – everyone was just spellbound!

June 17 Party (3)

Thanks, Linda, for putting on such a fun party that was enjoyed by CPYC members, the California Cruising Clippers and Linda’s many friends.

Party 6-17-2017 (3)


                      Mark Bettis and Cathy Miskow                   Linda Bullis


The California Cruising Clippers cruised in this weekend and joined us.

Here’s a picture of their boats at our Guest Dock, taken by Port Captain, Mark Malcolm:

Calif Cruising Clippers 

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Rabbit Races – Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Thanks to Alex Houlton’s great camera skills, here are some terrific pictures from Wednesday’s Rabbit races:

Rabbit Races 6-7-2017 (3)


Rabbit Races 6-7-2017 (6)

Sweet Grapes

Rabbit Races 6-7-2017 (5)

Vita e Bella

Rabbit Races 6-7-2017 (4)


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