Lighted Boat Parade, December 8, 2017


Lighted Boats 12-8-2017

“Cardinal Rule” in the foreground; left to right in the background, “Shannon”, “Seadancer”, “Smooth”,”Panda Angler” and “Stella Maris”

The first ever holiday lighted boat parade was a resounding success. Six boats participated: “Shannon,” skippered by Mark Bettis; “Seadancer,” skippered by Bill and Emily Hoyt; “Smooth,” skippered by Tom Fedyna; “Panda Angler,” skippered by Gary Edwards; and “Stella Maris,” skippered by Alex Houlton. The parade was led by former Harbor Master, Ed Hallett, in the patrol boat, and MC’d by Catherine Miskow on “Cardinal Rule.” The windless, moonless night made for perfect conditions, as the group proceeded down the slipway and out the channel, as members of the public gathered on the berm to watch.

Lighted Boats 2017 (3)

“Stella Maris”

Lighted Boats 2017 (4)











Lighted Boats 2017 (6)

“Seadancer”, “Smooth”, “Panda Angler” and “Stella Maris”


At the end of the parade, the kids and guests were treated to a special visit by Santa Claus, and Queen Elsa (from the hit movie “Frozen”) as well as cookies, hot cocoa, and hot apple cider. Elsa, Santa, and Yvette Yong acted as judges for the boats. First prize went to “Shannon,” and second prize went to “Seadancer.” The boats will be docked at the guest dock for the holidays. We hope to make this an annual event for the club, the marina, and the local community. Thank you to everyone who participated and who helped make this event a success.                       

Catherine Miskow, Membership Chair


12-8-2017 party

12-8-2017 party (2)

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