Jerry O’Grady Single-Handed Race, Saturday, October 7, 2017

Our Regatta Chair, Tom Fedyna, reports “What a wild day!  Light wind, nice wind, no wind, lots of wind.  I am glad everyone stuck with it.  The course was long, challenging your boat-handling skills in all wind conditions!”

10-7-2017 O'Grady (2)

No Wind

10-7-2017 O'Grady

Light Wind

10-7-2017 O'Grady (5)

Nice Wind

10-7-2017 O'Grady (9)

Lots of Wind!

Eight boats participated in the race.  Congratulations to Luther Izmirian on Paradigm for his first place finish!    

Here are the results:

Paradigm/Luther Izmirian  –   03:37:20 

Hot Ice/Mike Haddock  –  03:45:33

Sweet Grapes/Alan Orr   –   03:49:27 

Smooth/Tom Fedyna     –  04:21:34           

Sparky/Paul Zell     –   04:29:26

Chai D.M./Vince Swerkes – 04:47:54 

Azure/Mark Hecht    –    04:56:02

Summertime/Dave Noce – too much wind!


10-7-2017 O'Grady (8)  10-7-2017 O'Grady (6)

10-7-2017 O'Grady (20)

Sparky on the left and Smooth on the right

10-7-2017 O'Grady (3)

Hot Ice

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