General Membership Meeting, November 14, 2017 – Election Meeting

11-14-2017 GMM

We had a good turnout at our November General Membership meeting, which is our annual election meeting.  The following slate, which was presented at our October meeting, was voted into office for 2018.  Congratulations to all!

2018 Board of Directors:

Commodore – Yvette Yong

Vice Commodore – Noah Sundance

Rear Commodore – Lee Stevens

Staff Commodore – Andy Smith

Treasurer – Jan Mendez

Secretary – Catherine Miskow

Port Captain – Brad Jones

Director – Mark Malcolm

Director – Mark Neumann

Director – Mike Haddock

House Chair – Ken Combes

Membership Chair – Bill Rinehart

Regatta Chair – Steve Swanson

The new Board will be inaugurated at the 2018 Commodore’s Ball on January 20, 2018.

All of the Committee Chairs will be looking for volunteers to serve on their Committees.  It’s not a big time commitment, but it makes a huge impact.  Please email if you are interested in helping out.

℘     ℘     ℘     ℘     ℘

A big thank-you to the members of the Nominating Committee for all the work they did to to meet with and interview candidates for the positions.  Nominating Committee members for 2017 were:

Joe Pratt

Peter Kanefsky

Gary Edwards

Steve Martin

Quinn McKenna


Thank You (2)


Here are a few pictures from the meeting.

11-14-2017 GMM(8)

11-14-2017 GMM(4)








11-14-2017 GMM(3)










11-14-2017 GMM(2)


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