General Membership Meeting & Pig Roast July 22, 2017

We had a good turnout for our dinner and General Membership Meeting and met some of our new members.

First, Gary and helpers put the pig on the BBQ:

Pig Roast 7-22-2017 (3)Pig Roast 7-22-2017

Pig Roast 7-22-2017 (5)


Pig Roast 7-22-2017 (4)
























While the pig was cooking, old and new members met in the bar and dining room to enjoy cocktails.

GMM 7-22-2017

Mark & Dorothy Malcolm

GMM 7-22-2017 (5)

Membership Chair, Cathy Miskow and new member, Nancy Kay Metzger

GMM 7-22-2017 (4)

Luther Izmirian and friends enjoying cocktails on the deck (and keeping an eye on the pig!)

We enjoyed some great sides with the pig:

Pig Roast 7-22-2017 (7)

After dinner, we heard Commodore Andy Smith give an update on club improvements.  Colin Lindberg gave a presentation on putting in a Bocce Ball Court in our backyard.  The CPYC Board will consider this at the next meeting.  Stay tuned for more developments!

GMM 7-22-2017 (3)

Here;s the flyer Cathy put out to announce the Pig Roast:

Pig Roast-GMM

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