Cruise to Marin Yacht Club – Friday, September 1 – Monday, September 4, 2017

Colin Lindberg followed his week as Cruise Leader for the Delta cruise, by leading the cruise to the Marin Yacht Club.  This cruise is always the most popular of the year.  This year there were at least 24 boats participating and a number of members “between boats” joined the festivities as “asphalt cruisers.”

As with the previous week, Colin reported that it was “Hot, hot, hot.  Over 100 degrees and very little breeze.

Boats on the Bay on their way to Marin


Docked at Marin Yacht Club

Marin Cruise 2017

Friday, Mark Bettis had a nice happy hour on this boat, Shannon.

Marin Cruise 2017 (4)

Unfortunately, Commodore Andy Smith’s Dock Party on Saturday had to be cancelled because of the heat and lack of shade.  As you can see, everyone’s looking for shade or keeping cool in the pool!  

Marin Cruise 2017 (9)

Marin Cruise 2017 (12)

Marin Cruise 2017 (13)

There was a good BBQ on Saturday night – grill your own.

Sunday was the annual Bocce Ball Tournament:

Marin Cruise 2017 (11)

Mark Canton and Alex Houlton won this year’s trophy which was a large stuffed shark eating a sailor and sailboat!

Marin Cruise 2017 (10)

The group had a nice dinner at the Marin Yacht Club Sunday night and had a surprise birthday party for Mark Bettis at the Bocce court.

Marin Cruise 2017 (14)

It was also a time to celebrate Bill Hoyt’s and Emily Kimmel’s upcoming wedding in Canada, and they were given a great send-off!


On Monday, everyone was homeward bound, having had a very fun weekend!

Marin Cruise-2


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