“Dance the Night Away” – Saturday, June 17, 2017

“In honor of the longest day of summer”, our bartender Linda Bullis, hosted a                                                             “Summer Solstice” party.



6-17-2017 Party (5)

A great time was had by all who attended the party.  The food was terrific – BBQing thanks to Buzz – and the music was incredible.

Here’s a picture of Buzz, Linda and Gil McCoy

Party 6-17-2017 (2)


The band, “Sweet Talk” is described as a “compilation” band and plays music from a variety of different genres.  The real hit was their lead singer, Gayle Sutherland, who had the most amazing voice – everyone was just spellbound!

June 17 Party (3)

Thanks, Linda, for putting on such a fun party that was enjoyed by CPYC members, the California Cruising Clippers and Linda’s many friends.

Party 6-17-2017 (3)


                      Mark Bettis and Cathy Miskow                   Linda Bullis


The California Cruising Clippers cruised in this weekend and joined us.

Here’s a picture of their boats at our Guest Dock, taken by Port Captain, Mark Malcolm:

Calif Cruising Clippers 

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