Open House – Saturday, May 20, 2017

Our Membership Chair, Catherine Miskow reported the following from our recent Open House:

What a beautiful day it was.  The open house was a great success, with visitors coming from around the Peninsula and even from the marina.  Several families with young children stopped by and enjoyed dinghy  rides around the marina, courtesy of Mark Bettis, and even saw a few curious bat rays . Many visitors commented that they ‘didn’t know there was a yacht club here’ or that they ‘never went beyond the park area’ to the marina.  We hope to continue forging this bond with the local community.
 Ads were placed on social media, as well as in Latitude 38, Craig’s List, and the local newspapers’ calendars.  Special thanks to Mark Bettis, Carly Cozart, Mark Malcolm, Gary “Grill Master” Edwards, Jan Mendez, Bill Tobin, Charlie Weidanz, Andy Smith, and Yvette Yong for helping with the event.  (Hope I didn’t miss anyone!)  We are looking to have another open house in the fall for marina tenants.  
*        *        *
Before our guests arrived we set up tents to showcase our various activities: Regattas, Cruises and Membership/Social Events
Participants enjoyed our hot dog BBQ and kids enjoyed coloring pictures
 and playing computer games.  Hopefully we’ll see some of these faces
 around the Club in the near future!
Here’s Cruise Chair, Mark  Bettis, taking a family for a dinghy ride around the harbor!

Open house

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