Cruise to Half Moon Bay Yacht Club – Friday, May 26 – Monday, May 29, 2017

Bill Hoyt, Cruise Leader for the Half Moon Bay cruise, gives us this report:

The Half Moon Bay cruise was a great success. Three brave sailing vessels set out in the wee hours of the morning to avoid the negative tide and ride the ebb out of the gate. SeaDancer and Tilligo left Coyote Point in the dark and set an intercept course to chase down Shannon, already positioned in Tiburon, and Tenacious, pre-positioned in Half Moon Bay (way to take advantage of the week, Peter!)  Sailing was fast and easy.

Past the first makers outside the Gate, the winds went into hiding and out came the fishing rods. Without any luck, we fired up the motors and set a course for HMB.  Luckily for the group, Panda Angler motored out to the same markers and landed some monster Salmon just mere hours later. Yes, Capt. Gary took full advantage of all that horsepower and shallow draft for some extra shut eye to start. 

HMB May 2017 (3)      HMB May 2017 (12)

 Our first night the gracious hosts at HMBYC didn’t disappoint, with some grub and a surprisingly delicious Gin our cruise out was off to a superb start. 

HMB May 2017





HMB May 2017 (2)






 Day two met us with blue skies and warm winds. A brief walk to the brunch tour of the Half Moon Bay Distillery shook off the grogginess from the night before. The tour of the distillery left the group more informed about the nuances and subtle differences in makes of Gin and Vodka. We are all taste experts now – thank you Ulli and Caesar for the behind-the-scenes experience. 

 Next up was lunch on SeaDancer with fresh caught Salmon as the main dish, which was quite tasty.  The only way to make this day complete was to Kayak, boat and dinghy over to Shannon for happy hour. Mark and Catherine put out a spread for the mass of cruisers and everyone was again treated to a special night out on the water. 

HMB 2017 (10)


 Sunday saw cooler weather and cloudy skies; needless to say, everyone slept in and relaxed, knowing the main event BBQ at the yacht club was fast approaching.  Again, the hospitality and spread at the Club made for another great evening capped off by the group gathering around the firepit to let our new-found appreciation for the spirits soak in.

 We formulated a plan for the departure, and with only a few little hiccups, the group was underway – but this time we were met by westerly winds and were able to sail at hull speeds back to Coyote Point, dodging many whales feeding at the gate along the way.

 I’d like to thank all who participated, crewed and helped in any way to make this cruise-out something special. 

Half Moon Bay Cruise Out_Page_1 (004)

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