Andy Byrd Memorial Regatta

Andy Byrd Memorial Regatta – Saturday, April 1, 2017
 Our Vice Commodore, Yvette Yong reports:
We only had four boats come out for Saturday’s regatta, but we all enjoyed a lovely day on the Bay!  We were treated to a mixed bag of conditions –  perfect calm winds on the first leg, extremely light winds on the next two, and then strong winds to finish the final leg. 
1st place – Luther & Yvette on Paradigm,
2nd place – Tom, Jeff & Leslie on Smooth.
(other two boats DNF)
 After the race, a nice gathering enjoyed tasty enchiladas from Chef John and Bill Hoyt’s “famous” margaritas at the bar.
Luther, crewing on Paradigm
Here’s the report from Regatta Chair, Tom Fedyna:
The race was postponed by 15 minutes due to no wind.
Smooth crossed the start line first, followed by Zangara, then Paradigm, with Vita e Bella not far behind. The winds were light for the whole race. Paradigm rounded the Bird Cage first, followed closely by Smooth. The next mark was a broad reach to “C”. Smooth popped its “spinny” and slowly passed Paradigm, whose crew was unable to use their shoot due to a broken halyard.
From “C” we headed to channel marker 8, coasting along, with Paradigm slowly catching up. Zingara and Vita e Bella were caught in light to no wind and fell behind. Then both Paradigm and Smooth were hit by the same light air between CPYC and “8”. Both boats were working the sails to keep moving forward.
 Just enough breeze allowed us to finally make it past “8” and head back to “Z” for the finish. Then the wind came like it does, zero wind to 15 kts.

Paradigm being chased by Smooth and Zingara
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