Marin Cruise Out

Sign Up Now for the Marin Cruise.  If you cannot boat up, consider joining us for a portion of the events.

Sign-up for the marin cruise here.

Message from the Marin Cruise Out Committee:

Marin Yacht Club Labor Day Cruise
It is with great excitement that we bring an update regarding the Cruise. In an effort to bring all those attending a bit closer and to make this Cruise one to remember we are shaking it up a bit.  Instead of having the Saturday Night Pre Dinner hors d”oeuvres and then having 25 people jockey for space to throw those $20 dollar steaks on the BBQ and watching them burn, we have arranged with Torin Knorr to bring his Roadside Feast BBQ Trailer to Marin. Torin will be preparing the Dinner and we just added a Breakfast on Sunday Morning as well. This is going to be one heck of a Party. We will have tables and chairs set up so no one will need to go searching for a place to eat.  I told you we are trying to “Class this Cruise UP” !
Dinner will feature:
Apple wood spit roasted chickens;
Roto culotte steak ( like Brazilian Steakhouse);
Corn on the Cob;
Dry seared green beans;

all for $25 per person. You’d spend that much on a do it your self BBQ.
Breakfast will include:
French Toast;
Home made bacon;
Eggs to order;
all for $12.00

Please consider attending the Marin Yacht Club Sunday Dinner as well. It is “Proper Etiquette” to support the Host Club. Marin does wonderful things for us so please join us for the Sunday Dinner.

Please direct questions to one of us.
Ross Bowling 
Jim Fadenrecht
Steve Bausino

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