South Bay Opening Day 2015

This weekend, CPYC was well involved in the South Bay Opening Day festivities.  Several boats (including the PandaAngler, Vita Bella, Tilligo, and Seabiscuit) traveled all of the way to the guest dock of Sequoia Yacht Club to take part in the festivities and the parade.  Several other members attended the various events around the South Bay.  Some selected photos of the festivities are below.

Captain Jack went full out with decorating Vita Bella for the event and won first prize in the themed youth division.  Mark Neuman won a prize in the themed boat division, so CPYC did great in the event.  For a full slide show of the entire event, please click here.

IMG_3152    IMG_3151

IMG_3156   IMG_3158

IMG_3162  IMG_3164

IMG_3171   IMG_3174

IMG_3175   IMG_3178

IMG_3207   IMG_3210

IMG_3218   IMG_3298

IMG_3338  IMG_3356

IMG_3368  IMG_3380

IMG_3405  IMG_3406

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