Treasure Island Cruise

Last weekend we cruised to Treasure Island.  Although some went on Friday, most of us left on Saturday.  Leaving on Saturday allowed us to enjoy burgers at the club on Friday night, which as usual where great.

Many of us had never been into Treasure Island before, but we all got there.


Tiki J at anchor.


Tilagia at Anchor.  Vince and Andy used their tenders to join the rest of us, who happily stayed on the dock.




Saturday afternoon, we went to Treasure Island Wines for a Wine tasting.



Jim Mirowski, the owner of Treasure Island Wines, gave a great presentation of the winery.



After the winery, we went back to Treasure Island Yacht Club.


Happy hour then occurred.  IMG_2955

And more happy hour.IMG_2956

Our hosts where great and put together a fine feed for us and their members.  We had a great time hanging with our hosts.  We left the following morning, where several of us reconvened at our own club house for drinks upon return to the harbor.


Meanwhile, those who stayed in harbor at CPYC enjoyed a fine BBQ on Saturday night.  Everyone had a great time.

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