Chinese New Year Weekend


In celebration of the Chinese New Year, several people enjoyed a buffet of Chinese food on Friday night instead of our usual hamburgers.

On Saturday, no dinner was planned but a rousing birthday/anniversary gathering for one of our newer members in the regatta room.  We all found out that Noah can actually cook a mean steak.


The winter Sunday beercans yielded several boats of racers and the resulting after-race gathering at the club on Sunday afternoon was lively.

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2 Responses to Chinese New Year Weekend

  1. Linda says:

    This is the 1st comment I have received! Keep them coming but let me know BEFORE the event.
    I would have gone to the Chinese New year event but did not know about it until this item!!

  2. pandaangler says:

    Club events and activities of the club are communicated to members by the weekly blast. If you are not receiving this communication, please contact so that we can be sure to add your email to the list. If you have requested to be taken off the email list, it is difficult but not impossible to add you back onto the list.

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