CPYC 2013 Proposed Slate for the Board of Directors

The Nominating Committee has presented the following proposed slate for the 2013 board of directors:

COMMODORE                        CHUCK JOHNSON

VICE COMM.                          JOE PRATT

REAR COMM                         LAUREL REID

SECRETARY                          GARY EDWARDS

TREASURER                          MARK GREEN

PORT CAPT                           LEE STEVENS

REGATTA                              TOM FEDYNA

MEMBERSHIP                        ROSEMARY RAYBURN

HOUSE                                    ANDY SMITH

DIRECTOR                            JIM MANISHIN

DIRECTOR                            MATT MARTELL

DIRECTOR                            ROD T OSSETTI

CRUISE                                DAVID BAGBY

BAY                                      JIM MANISHIN/ WEB

SHIPSTORE                           ROSS BOWLING

SOCIAL                                VICE COMMDORE TO APPOINT

PUBLICITY                            OPEN

PROGRAM                             OPEN

STAFF COMM.                       MARK LIDDELL


If you have an interest in filling one of the open positions or getting involved in one of the committees, please let anyone on this slate or on the current board know.


Gary J. Edwards

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