Annual Marina Tenant Meeting

From Wednesday May 25th

Annual Berth Rate Survey:

As one of our obligations to the Department of Boating and Waterways, the Coyote Point Marina does an annual berth rate survey of Bay Area Marinas.  Approximately 50 Marinas, private and public are surveyed for their berth rate for current year. The Marinas are rated on at heir average price per foot than graphed from the lowest to highest rates.  The average rate for Public Marinas was $ 7.72 per foot.  The average rate for Private Marinas was $ 8.76 per foot.  Coyote Point’s average rate for 2011 was $ 7.73 per foot, falling right in the middle of the Public average.

Annual Berth Rate Review:

Every year berth rates are reviewed and adjusted on August 1st, for the CPI as required by the Department of Boating and Waterways.  Historically rates have increased on an average of 2%-3% each year.  There have been no rate increases for the past 2 years.  The Harbormaster has the support of the Parks Administration and has recommended that rates are not increased this year. A request to waive the fee increase for berth rent for fiscal year 2011 / 2012 has been sent to Boating and Waterways.  We are waiting for written approval from DBW for our request.

Visiting Berthing Fees and Launch Fees:

We are recommending that our visitor berthing rate of $ .30 ft per night be increased to $ .50 ft. per night, and our launch fee of $ 3.00 be increased to $ 5.00 per launch.  The increase in fees will help off set the cost of maintaining the new launch ramp restroom for these users. These fees have not been increased in over 20 years, and were far below the average rates of other bay area Marina.  These fees will not affect Marina tenants who have access to the launch ramp free of charge.

Customer Surveys

Tenant responses were very positive for most of the items on the surveys.  The tenant restrooms surveyed as needing the most room for improvement.  Money that we had planned to spend on restroom improvements this past year were used for the dredging and removal of Dock 29.  We will be working restroom improvements this next fiscal year.

Dock 29 Update:

The 90% design plans and specs were submitted and have been held up with the Department of Boating and Waterways putting the project approximately 1 month behind schedule.  We are pushing for 60’ berths on the north side of the dock.  Boating and Waterways may only allow 50’s per the original design that was submitted to secure loan funding.   Worse case scenario we would only be allowed to build 50’ slips on the north side, but further delays in approval could push the project into the spring and summer of 2012.

Projects Completed Since Our Last Meeting:

Dredging of the main channel and North Basin of the Marina

Removal of docks at Dock 29

Repaving and restriping of the Middle Berm Parking lot (Tire Stops removed)

New Launch Ramp Restrooms

New Pump Out Station

Restrooms painted (interior / exterior) New shower door woman’s restroom.

Harbor Office Painted.

Boat Dry Storage Area (Generating approx $ 15,000 per year)

Emergency Ladder Program in Place

Fire hose cabinet replacement program for replacement of 50 new fire hoses.

Landscape program (Using weed barrier and chipping rather than spraying)

New concrete picnic tables.

Roadway to launch ramp repaved.

Yacht Club and Marina Deep water Guest Dock ( last 6  40’ slips on the north end of dock 13).

Roundtable comments:

Pump out station was out of service too long.  Money should have been spent from Marina contingency fund rather than waiting for grant money.

Concerns of berth rates to be increased for the next fiscal year.

Smaller nozzle on Diesel pump.

Shower head in woman’s restroom is bad.

Depth at Yacht Club Guest Dock effecting cruise ins.

Do we want to consider allowing any live aboard tenants?

About Coyote Point Yacht Club

Coyote Point Yacht Club is located at Coyote Point Park in San Mateo, south of the Bay Bridge and north of the San Mateo Bridge. Views of San Francisco and the San Mateo Bridge/Oakland provide a pretty setting for events in the club house and outdoor activities in our backyard. BBQ facilities, showers for men and women, and free ice are available.
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