Preparing to Succeed

To quote a line for Bob Dylan “you don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows”. Like it or not things change. Our beloved Yacht Club is not exempt from change. Going forward we have to adapt. For many years our club’s operations where based on income from the dues of 200 or more proprietary members. We have had under 200 member for several years now. Your commodore’s goal and the goal of the board of directors is to position the club so it can run at our current membership level. To be clear there is no need to panic. My sole purpose here is to alert you as to what we expect and how we intend to deal with it.

It is easy to say bring in new members and grow the club. By all means we are actively engaged in this pursuit. The ultimate goal is to build our membership back up to over 200. This takes time. We could be pleasantly surprised and there could be a swelling of our membership in short order however to count on this a modes operand i would be fool hardy.  I do believe that our membership will grow. There are some outside factors that may help; such as the expected improvement in the economy and an increased interest in sailing due the America’s Cup.

In the meantime we have to put a plan in place that will carry us through using what we have to work with. You could  say it is time to reef the main and batten down the hatches.

Our club is actually in fair financial condition, we are not rolling in the dough but we have enough in reserve to keep us out of trouble if we manger our affairs wisely. Treasurer Bob Boys has done a great job monitoring our spending with an eye on keeping it under control. It is no secret that food service as been an area of concern as far as expense is concerned. Those cost are coming down to a manageable level. We are beginning to book outside events that we will be catered by us, these events will bring some additional income into the club. Your continued support at Friday’s meal services is greatly appreciated. Youth sailing is doing well and is expected to exceed last year’s performance. Attendance at the Beer Can Races has began to pickup and we have booked a number rentals of the club. These are all income generating events.

What we need the most is volunteers. There are hundreds of things that need to be done around the club house. In these challenging times it is of a great value to the club when someone volunteers do a task that we would normally we would have to pay some one to do. If one is not able to help physically a contribution of materials is always welcomed. For example if one can not paint a wall, maybe one could donate the paint. If one can’t work on the club’s small boats maybe one could donate some of the materials. This is true volunteerism, you are not required to do this and there is no reward other than the inner knowing that you have given of yourself in order to support your club and your shipmates.

I believe that we may have to depend more on volunteers going forward so I ask for your support in this. If you can help out please do. If you can’t please support those who do.

Something everyone can help with is keeping the club house clean and in order. When you use the club house please don’t leave dirty glasses or dishes laying around. Clean up after yourselves. Wash your dishes and glasses when finished with them. Please leave the room in order. Pick any stray trash and dump it. Let’s keep our house in order.

My definitions

I have not found the definition a volunteer club and a non volunteer club. So these are my definitions so you know what I am referring to when I use these terms.

An all Volunteer Club in the strictest sense this is a club that depends on volunteers to do everything. There is no paid staff. This means the books are kept, meals prepared by and served by, the maintenance is preformed by and all operations are handled by volunteers. in a volunteer club’s dues a generally low and each member makes a commitment to serve for a minimum number of hours.

A Non Volunteer Club is; managed, maintained and serviced by a paid staff. Dues are generally higher and assessments are frequently charged to cover extraordinary expenses. Volunteers may run the social events, Cruise outs, sailing programs and other such enterprises.

A Hybrid Coyote Point Yacht Club is actually a hybrid. We can not say we are an all volunteer club. We do have a professional club manager and bar & restaurant staff but we rely on volunteers (the Officers & BOD) to actually manage the clubs affairs. The club manger is an extension of the BOD. We can not say we are a Non Volunteer club since we do depend on volunteers in all areas of club operations.

About Coyote Point Yacht Club

Coyote Point Yacht Club is located at Coyote Point Park in San Mateo, south of the Bay Bridge and north of the San Mateo Bridge. Views of San Francisco and the San Mateo Bridge/Oakland provide a pretty setting for events in the club house and outdoor activities in our backyard. BBQ facilities, showers for men and women, and free ice are available.
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