Financial Report

We have had some unexpected and expenses in February and March that have temporarily skewed the financial statements. Remember we are using the cash Method of accounting and unlike the Accrual Method, is very sensitive to when we pay bills and receive revenues. March shows a loss of $5,000 but part of this is balanced by income in other months so is not indicative of our true position. Using the statement year to date show a much better picture. We are making efforts to make sure expenses and income are entered closer to their true timings. The April statements will portray a more accurate position. Please ensure your account is brought up to date. Timely dues remittances help our financial position. Thanks to all those who are in the majority who pay on time.

The Galley still represents some challenges financially but Jack and Mark are stepping up efforts to resolve these. The food is very good and the delivery timely but we must get the costs down. Come in next Friday for lunch or dinner. Note dinner now starts at 6:30 PM.

About Coyote Point Yacht Club

Coyote Point Yacht Club is located at Coyote Point Park in San Mateo, south of the Bay Bridge and north of the San Mateo Bridge. Views of San Francisco and the San Mateo Bridge/Oakland provide a pretty setting for events in the club house and outdoor activities in our backyard. BBQ facilities, showers for men and women, and free ice are available.
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